Holy Holy Live On Instagram

After the postponement of their national tour, Holy Holy took to a live Instagram feed on 25 March 2020 for a chat and to share some live music. With Tim stranded in Tasmania and Oscar in a different state they did their best to avoid the lag and entertain a couple hundred of their fans.

This unique Holy Holy in isolation gig saw a raw version of Teach Me About Dying before a jovial Tim made an unofficial announcement about a possible live Holy Holy EP recorded at the Forum being released in due course.

After a rocky start due to microphone issues, the sensitive and serene Sentimental and Monday allowed us to forget about the world for a few minutes. In fact, all of their songs did even with the sub-par sound due to lag. The live premiere of St Petersburg was pretty special. With lyrics such as, ‘I have heard/ In St Petersburg/ The autumn leaves/ Fill the streets/ So that even non-believers see’ it is easy to close your eyes and be transported into a glorious world where isolation and social distancing don’t exist.

Lots of hilarious banter ensued over the course of the forty minute live stream. There was also confirmation that the creative process is well and truly under way for a new LP which is great news for fans.

After a Sandra guitar solo from Oscar which melded into a You Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog guitar duet, Holy Holy ended their isolation live stream on a three-wine-glass comical high…

Tim: “It was great to hang out with you guys on a Monday”
Oscar: “Isn’t it Wednesday?”

Review By Anita Kertes

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