Corporate Social Irresponsibility @ BASEM3NT Studios, Adelaide 8/03/2020

When two comedians collide! Alex and Tess are comedians from Melbourne who decided to join together to create Corporate Social Irresponsibility. The first half of the show had Alex introduce himself and giving a snapshot of his life. Moving from regional Queensland to inner city Melbourne Alex had many funny stories to share. From getting fired, breaking up with his girlfriend and just life in general with his move to Melbourne was enough to have us laughing the whole way through. His cheeky facial expressions added to the story giving them an extra funny factor.

The most interesting story was how he met Tess and their journey to creating this show. The hilarious miscommunication had the audience in non-stop fits of laughter as well as a funny cringe worthy moment about brownies.

Tess took the stage for the second half of the show and revealed that she is a lawyer. Her stories about her profession were what one woman in the audience described as “really intelligent comedy.” Tess gave us a new perspective on the drink Aperol Spritz and other alcoholic beverages, her hate for the game of cricket and even her dog gets a mention.

What was different about this show as opposed to other comedy shows was how the two comedians’ routines are intertwined at certain stages. While both having separate routines somehow the stories at the end had a common theme; brownies, marijuana and comedy! A clever collaboration of comedic minds gave us Corporate Social Irresponsibility.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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