Pirate Life 5th Birthday @ Pirate Life Brewing, Port Adelaide 7/3/2020

Happy 5th birthday to our friends at Pirate Life Brewing!

What a day! What a party! The weather was sensational for Pirate Life’s 5th birthday right in the heart of Port Adelaide attracting a diverse crowd who have one common interest – great beer, great food, great music and great times. Even better still it was a family friendly and a chilled afternoon that went long in to the evening.

The Pirate Life Brewing life story is an impressive one transforming a site that used to house spare air conditioning parts in to a fully functioning brewery which has a reputation second to none. What this event does show is that the possibilities at Pirate Life are endless proving that they can assemble a great line up of bands including the mighty You Am I with a ready made stage being the loading dock meaning that even at the back the view is great.

The beauty of this celebration was the amount of things you could do whilst at Pirate Life. Unreal! Haircuts, pinball and arcade games, getting ink done to taking it easy with friends in the Beer Garden or Beer Hall. Food Truck Lane had a large selection to choose from including Mexican (La Popular Taqueria), Low & Slow BBQ (Boston Bay Small Goods and Home Of Low & Slow), Moroccan (Moorish Bites), Burgers + Vegan (Gang Gang), Fried Chicken (Nugg Lyf), Pirate Life Food Truck, Sandos & Share Plates and Abbots & Kinney (Coffee, Cakes & Patries)… something to suit all tastes.

The music line up was impressive featuring some awesome up and coming talent such as SODA, Bec Stevens, Adrian Eagle, Maddy Jane to Triple J favourite Remi who was a standout to rock dogs You Am I and Midnight Juggernaut DJs. Melbourne rapper Remi is definitely a talent on the rise and even on his FaceBook page it says he is “bringing that hot shit to the people”. Songs such as My People really did lift the vibe and got the crowd going. With promise of a new album in April keep an eye out for a tour here soon.

You Am I! Tim, Andy, Rusty and Davey were in fine form again playing one hour of essentially their greatest hits kicking off with Junk and Guys, Girls, Guitars. As Tim Rogers said our misery is your enjoyment and not to be afraid of misery as from that comes enlightenment and enjoyment. Set staples How Much Is Enough?, Jewels & Bullets, Purple Sneakers and Cathy’s Clown were all there. Heavy Heart and The Appleecross Wing Commander. At the end Tim said and thanked the crowd for the song he wrote with Andy back in 1992, “giving us a life”, playing Berlin Chair and The Piano In the Tree to bring their set to end.

By this stage the crowd started retreating to the Beer Garden and Beer Hall or home as the cool night air set in. Midnight Juggernaut DJs entertained those who continued to kick on for a bit longer.

It was a great day and great night – Happy 5th Birthday Pirate Life!

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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