Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats @ The Gov, Adelaide 4/3/2020

There is no doubt in mind that this show will be one those gigs that people will be talking about in years to come saying things like “remember that band Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats when they played at The Gov in 2020″. There wasn’t a lot of fanfare about this show in the lead up but there absolutely should of been, it was brilliant. It is astounding in some ways that with five albums to their credit including the highly influential Wasteland in 2018 that more noise hasn’t been mind about this English rock band.

It was a solid crowd on hand to watch the band emerge from the darkness led by main stay “Uncle Acid” aka Kevin R. Starrs. When Starrs was asked in a recent interview by Hi Fi Way what we would expect on this tour he said a “psychotic mess” – that’s what we got. The band sounded tight and the vocal mix is exactly what you expect from this band. Hot damn! So good!

Starrs isn’t one to beat around the bush with pointless banter and pointless chit chat letting the music do all the talking. There was the occasional “how the fuck are you Adelaide” however. The band rocked hard through opening track I See Through You followed by Mt Abraxas and Mind Crawler. The barrage continued with Deaths Door and Shockwave City. It was hard not to be impressed with what was experienced.

After Crystal Spiders Starrs said he wanted to see some headbangers down the front before getting in to Pusher Man. I think the only travesty was the fact that the band didn’t have any of their albums for sale on the night. I would have bought the lot if they had them. Ritual Knife was awesome and in a another rare moment Starrs asked the crowd to go wild for I’ll Cut You Down.

It was hard to believe the show was nearing the end. There was another barrage of hits with 13 Candles, Melody Lane and No Return with the crowd nodding their heads in appreciation. When you’re that good you don’t need an encore, so that was that. Definitely a gig highlight for 2020 so far.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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