Gobby; (of a person) tending to talk too loudly and in a blunt or opinionated way. Gobby is the nickname for Bri a young adult struggling with the break-up of a relationship and trying to make sense of her friends behaviour and the frustrations of not being understood. This one women show is played out in stages of five parties each being described through the eyes of Bri.

The stage is set up in a party scene with balloons, party poppers and of course alcohol. Bri dancing alone, re-living five parties in the last two years, she takes us through her life struggles of needing to be validated and included. Each party is a growth and transition of Bri where she talks to new people, old friends and goes through self-discovery. Her need for attention seems to be an obstacle in getting past problems with an intervention being staged at a party by one of her friends as the struggle gets too real.

The show has light and shade with some dark comedy thrown in to keep the story line interesting. Jodie Irvine is a delight and really gives the character life. Switching from different characters with different accents, she takes you with her into Gobby’s mind of fears, frustrations, insecurities and vulnerabilities.

The bumpy ride she endures from each party is a long journey of finally realising her own self-worth.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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