Atreyu, Ocean Sleeper, Zelorage @ Jive, Adelaide 1/3/2020

The final days of Atreyu’s successful In Our Wake world tour are upon us. With the promise of new music imminent, the hard-working Americans have blown through Australia like a hurricane and tonight Adelaide is the eye of the storm.

The queues stretch along the street, the balcony inside the venue is open and, despite it being a Sunday night, everyone is here to, as bassist Porter McKnight claimed in last weeks interview, watch ‘five idiots running about, making mediocre jokes and having the time of our lives’. They were destined to be not disappointed.

Opening is Zelorage from Renmark, who bring an alternative angst to the proceedings. The three-piece metal band hit hard with heavy riffs and heavier beats. Wearing their influences on their sleeve of the nu-metal with touch of modern colour, the already space-is-at-a-premium crowd are digging what is been served. The hammer through their set at breathless pace and by the end there is a healthy vocal crowd down the front proving the show has been a success.

Ocean Sleeper take a left turn in the night with sounds as the mix hardcore and metal core to magnificent effect. The head-jolting breakdowns are delivered with surgical preciseness, while vocalist Karl attempts to cover each inch of the stage making sure we are all ‘having fucking fun’.
Performances such as Hate Me Like You Mean It and Six Feet Down sound spring loaded despite there being no bassist on stage. The audience is suitably lubricated and amped up by the conclusion of the set.

Atreyu are not here to be upstaged though. Literally walking in off the street and directly onto the boards, they open with The Time Is Now. The room erupts into song as each band member jostles for space. Right Side Of The Bed follows and the sheer power of drummer Brandon Saller becomes apparent as he pounds the skins like a heavyweight fighter going in for the kill.

Each song is greeted with deafening cheers, its safe to say this is the loudest I’ve heard a crowd in Jive. The intimate venue getting that much personal as bassist McKnight jumps off the stage a makes his way up the excited balcony to play.

After zooming through half the set, the band themselves take a moment away from being frantic to breath before Bleeding Mascara is let loose on the crowd. The impact electric as the energy reaches fever pitch between the band, who are virtually playing in the crowd’s laps, and the audience themselves who cannot get enough.

Atreyu have been around for twenty one years and it shows is how they keep the spontaneous nature of the show going, hell they even made a Bon Jovi song sound good. There is fist pumping, hand waving, singing to the heavens, it’s all here.

Finishing with Blow and Lip Gloss And Black, interspersed with Rick Astley of course, the crowd noise is deafening. Who care if it’s a Sunday night? Who cares if we will wake up with little sleep and a hangover? We have just witnessed a true rock show and that dull feeling in the cranium isn’t too much alcohol, it’s the effect of being left in Atreyu’s wake.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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