Frankly’s Wordrobe @ Astor Hotel, Adelaide 27/2/2020

Frankly’s Wordrobe epitomises the essence of the fringe. Frankly straps us in for a ride from the first second you walk into her intimate clothes-strewn theatre, having casual conversations with audience members, getting them to join her show and even standing on chairs as she strums away on her Flying V ukulele while talking to a ‘swan’.

Through her intimate and thought-provoking show, Frankly exemplifies what her life was like by perfectly singing her way through triumphs, mishaps and profound moments of self-discovery. Frankly looks straight at you with her Florence Welch and Bjork vibes as she plays the piano and portrays humorous, authentic and disturbing life stories. She interprets these memories through quirky lyrics and stunningly unreal vocal ranges in an authentic and twisted cabaret performance.

This outstandingly sincere one-woman show takes us all on a trip through Frankly’s wardrobe, as she paints memories and words onto each clothing item. Frankly dresses herself as she dresses us with her frank (“synonymous with honest”) reasons as to why she has kept all these clothes. Each time she removes clothes and replaces them with a new item, you can’t help but notice ‘rebirth’ tattooed onto her arm, realising that Frankly is taking us through each stage of her life. She re-invents herself and explores the meaning of passion and purpose. Frankly left the audience with a message of “…do what makes you feel good” in this upbeat and unique show.

Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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