Tim Rogers Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights @ Fortuna Spiegeltent, Adelaide 25/2/2020

Inspired by his Friday afternoon Double J radio show Liquid Lunch, Tim Rogers is back in town playing the first of two nights with his show aptly titled Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights at the Fortuna Spiegeltent in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights. This is the first time this show has been performed in Adelaide and combines his musings about music, friends, poetry and a love of general conversation to life. Having been an avid follower of Tim Rogers career and musical undertakings this performance is really something quite unique. Whether you’re a fan or not this is one of those shows that needs to be seen.

It does seem that cabaret, theatre and music are a great combination for Tim Rogers and something he seems born to do. His trademark wit and lyrical observations shine right through his performance. He cleverly combines music and theatre to create a mythical radio station in a fictional town known as Bohemia Heights conducting interviews with some interesting guests covering some deep and meaning topics such as ageing, masculinity, conservatism and much more with Frank Woodley, Ben Marwe (Bad// Dreems) and the gals from Circus Trick Tease.

Fortuna Spiegeltent really did help recreate that vibe of an old time radio station with a sound both and special effects, Tim at the presenters desks and the Broads (Kelly Day and Jane Hendry) who sat to his right providing some great musical interludes and voice overs.

It would be quite easy to give away plenty of spoilers but the show is full of funny old school humour, plenty of good natured jokes, innuendo and puns, community announcements, fictitious story telling and real life tales from his guests. To hear Rogers call a fictitious cricket match is worth the ticket price alone. Most will go in expecting music and song from this music legend and while there is some I think most will be pleasantly surprised.

Fringe Review By Rob Lyon

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