Tokyo Jet Daze: Japanese Punk Weekender

RCC is set to transcend the mortal realm as Japanese punk legends The’s, Guitar Wolf and The Jet Boys band together for this two day and night RCC exclusive – the first time these three seminal 80’s Japanese punk bands have played together outside of Japan.

Tokyo Jet Daze: Japanese Punk Weekender is a matsuri dedicated to the angry gods of Japanese punk rock kicking off Friday 28 February from 9pm on LVL 5 Union House, University of Adelaide.

Headlining both nights are the undisputed queens of Japanese punk rock goddesses in their own right and of course Jane Mansfield lookalikes – The’s.

Popular well before featuring on Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol 1, The’s have continued to confront the myths surrounding Japanese femininity and identity, with their beehives, guitars and go-go.

The seemingly unstoppable rockers Guitar Wolf join them on Saturday 29 February. After 30 years, 13 albums and a non-stop world touring schedule, Guitar Wolf found time to be signed to Jack White’s Third Man record label, something bands a quarter of their age would die for. Guitar Wolf continue to punch out their high-octane performances with a sound that tips a hardcore hat to the Ramones.

“You’ve never seen anything like it – I guarantee it – from Guitar Wolfs Wild Zero zombie fighting skills to the presence of a Kendo master somewhere in the mix this is not so much a gig as a once-in-a-lifetime religious experience” says David Sefton, RCC’s Artistic Director.

Rounding out the Weekender with a full tilt naked enthusiasm, The Jet Boys take to the stage Friday 28 February. The Jet Boys and their wraith-like lead singer Onoching’s performance is sure to leave everyone sweaty, exhausted and with their eyes bleeding.

“Nothing is left out and nothing is sacred in the pursuit of the theatrical – nunchucks, soy milk, nudity, vegetable abuse – The Jet Boys are unhinged and unmissable”, says Sefton.

The Jet Boys lead singer, Onoching, will be on site from 5pm Saturday showcasing his artwork. Convert any piece of clothing into merch, select a unique piece of art to take home, find a new tattoo or design for your ride.
Adelaide’s Motorcycle Society will also be on show, organising activities befitting the leather-clad Japanese rockers and their love affair of all things motorcycle and the road. Plus, a whole slew of local bands are playing in tribute to the Japanese legends.

The Japanese have never been short of finding reasons to party. Traditional matsuri can celebrate anything from the changing seasons, coming of age, harvests, blossom, fish or fishermen, as well as paying thanks to the plethora of local deities that inhabit every corner of the island nation.
Matsuri are usually based around a key ritual symbolic of the festival’s nature and purpose, like swimming a stretch of dangerous open water, to riding giant logs down a hill or even running naked through the streets of your home town.

Tokyo Jet Daze’s ritual to the god of punk has manifest itself in a ceremonial Seven Samurai vs Akira inspired cardboard clad battle choreograph by Australia’s very own cardboard warriors, Boxwars – who return after performing stings in the Middle East and the Gold Coast.

Tickets to Tokyo Jet Daze: A Japanese Punk Weekender gigs are now on sale and can be purchased through the RCC website, or through FringeTIX.

The free daily festivities take place on Saturday 29 February from 5pm – 8pm and will be located in the Cloisters area of the University of Adelaide.

Fri 28 Feb (9:30pm) | The Jet Boys, The’s + local support acts | LVL 5, Union House

Sat 29 Feb (from 5pm) | Boxwars battle, motorcycles, art + matsuri food | Cloisters Lawns

Sat 29 Feb (9:30pm) | Guitar Wolf, The’s + local support acts | LVL 5, Union House

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