Hilltop Hood, Illy, G Flip @ Superloop Adelaide 500, Adelaide 23/2/2020

Wrapping up an epic few days of fast cars and fantastic music, the Sunday night show at Superloop Adelaide 500 is always highly anticipated. Tonight’s concert presented by NOVA Entertainment served up indie-pop newcomer G Flip and two of the best in Aussie hip-hop, Illy and Hilltop Hoods.

The sun was still shining as Melbourne’s Georgia Flipo, also known as G Flip,took the main stage. The seemingly meagre crowd was sprawled across the lawns opposite the Heritage Grandstand, enjoying the balmy afternoon on offer. Having toured Australia – including Adelaide – in 2019, it seems G Fliphas acquired quite the following. Opening her set with a drum solo and beaming smile, the crowd took notice and made their way to the main stage. She treated us to her best-known songs including About You, Lover, and a stripped back version of Stupid with electric guitar in hand.

G flip had a charming presence as she interacted with the crowd, appearing genuinely humbled by the constant applause. She thanked everyone for their support and dedicated her song I’m Not Afraid, to “anyone who has been bullied or has been in a toxic relationship.” Showing us just how talented she is, G Flip returned to the drums and played a six-minute mash-up, paying tribute to some epic artists including the likes of Fergie, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Kanye West, and Whitney Houston; changing tempo with every change in artist and genre. Finishing her short set with Killing My Time and an extended version of Drink Too Much, the crowd was hyped. G Flip is certainly one to keep on your radar for her next tour.

The Melbourne-born talent continued with Illy who was nothing short of impressive. As soon as the stage crew wheeled in a blue neon sign with the life size letters I-L-L-Y, people began to trickle down from the grandstand to join the growing crowd on the lawn. No time was wasted before getting straight into his hits One For The City and Then What before inviting friend, Thandi Phoenix, to the stage for a rendition of Catch 22. Illy pleased the crowd with news that a “new album will be released soon” and this gave fans even more reason to revel in his old classics for potentially “the last time” according to the singer. Illy delivered his Ausmusic Melody, and major hit Tightrope before Thandi Phoenix returned to the stage for Lean on Me. To finish on a high, Illy suggested, “let’s turn up the energy a bit” and delivered a fun remix of Peking Duck’s High which transitioned into his final song Papercuts.

An excited and slightly intoxicated crowd were eager for Adelaide’s very own Hilltop Hoods to begin their set. Streamers were strewn from the stage as the group opened their act with Leave Me Lonely which was returned with deafening screams from the crowd. It seems time hasn’t slowed down the two front men, Suffa and Pressure, as they raced around the stage and jumped over speakers to energise the crowd. The group sung Chase That Feeling and Nosebleed Section all while dodging hats and apparel being thrown on stage from eager fans from the mosh pit. Special guests were the flavour of the night, as the boys welcomed local vocalist, Nyassa, to sing 1955.

We were transported back in time with I Love It, a nearly ten-year-old track known for featuring Adelaide’s, Sia. The group then asked, “Is it alright if we bring out some more friends for you?” Adrian Eagle joined Suffa and Pressure to deliver Clark Griswold, followed by an incredible performance of Exit Sign featuring Illy and Ecca Vandal. The group ended the night with the same fun and mischievousness that you’d expect from them at the beginning of their youthful career. Suffa asked the crowd, “do you want to play a game Adelaide?” before telling screaming fans to “take off an item of clothing and wave it in the air.” Apparently little old Adelaide is quite the daring city as shirts flew through the air for the final two hits, Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom and Cosby Sweater. Judging by the satisfied crowd, it’s clear that Hilltop Hoods truly are our hometown heroes.

Fans begged earnestly for an encore, but the stage remained vacant, and as the clock struck 10.30pm, the lights beamed across the grasslands signalling the end of Superloop Adelaide 500 for another year.

Live Review By Caitlin Graziano