Werk It @ Corona Theatre, Adelaide 21/2/2020

The world of Werk It combines serious physical theatre stunts with light-hearted skits and a quirky boisterous cast donned in outlandish costumes. The props and set design used in this show are vital to the storyline. Werk It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, starting from a literal glitter-filled aerobics workout, to working out at a computer desk or construction site, reflecting the different ways we “work out” each day.

The performers in this show are animated and joyful to watch and you find yourself interested in every glamorous and uniquely bizarre segment. The artists interact with everyone; before you know it, audience members are wearing fluoro orange road cones, dodging swinging acrobats, drinking a glass of wine with the performers and wiping Vegemite off their heads. Striking electric blue and pink skin tight aerobics costumes, built-in bra wine bottles, VB can “weights” and giant cigarettes are used to show off ridiculously hilarious and weird stunts.

Outrageously awkward and funny, even a small mishap along the way was welcomingly forgiven by the audience and brushed off with a laugh, an applause and an unforgettable memory. The soundtrack was a first class mix of addictive hits and beats ranging from the eighties to the noughties. As we clapped and bopped away to Bomfunk MC’s Freestyler and Madonna’s Vogue, we watched a series of routines reflecting a warped perspective of what it’s like to get through a work day. This shocking, surprising and fun experience will leave you dancing out the theatre with a rainbow of confusing flashbacks from the show.

Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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