L.I.A.R (Life Is A Rehearsal) @ The Factory, Adelaide 20/2/2020

It is not often you can get a show that is a combination of sentimental, sexy, thoughtful and funny drama. This astonishing and engaging experience included a seductive contortionist, hilarious physical theatre artists and an awesome live musician.

Winner of the WA Critic’s Choice Award and Paris’ Circus Festival Award and starring Berlin’s Remi Martin, a physical theatre superstar, L.I.A.R (Life Is A Rehearsal) is a uniquely captivating show. A definite highlight of this year’s fringe, this circus, physical theatre and comedy spectacular combines enchanting stage design and intriguing props.

Remi Martin, also appearing in Limbo Unhinged and Blanc de Blanc Encore, is an exciting force and element of this magnificently engaging show, as well as his team of performers who create a simultaneously gripping and light-hearted atmosphere.

This show is a moving, serious and funny ode to life and mishaps we experience. Martin and his fabulous team interpret these adversities through comedic intermissions, dance, song and talented physical theatre segments.

As we all sat underneath a glamourous and elegant giant white flowing sheet that a performer twirled around us, the audience were officially under her spell and wrapped up in the magic of this story. The team of four artists sent us into a dream-like trance that was out of this world, fittingly ending with the engaging motif of an astronaut “floating” through space. Certifiably awe-struck fans undeniably felt part of the show, rightfully reflecting that universal feeling of moving through an unpredictable life together.

Special effects, shockingly hilarious nudity and a uniquely immersive and unforgettable live score are successfully mixed to explore the story of one’s life stages. Through interesting visuals and a variety of props, these talented artists took the audience on an interactive adventure. As adoring audience members, we were encouraged to clap along to David Bowie’s Space Oddity and hold Martin while he literally walked through a seated sold out crowd, over people’s shoulders, before running outside with a bunch of blow-up dolls! Don’t ask why, just go watch the show. It’s worth it.

Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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