Circolombia Acelere @ Gluttony, Adelaide 19/02/2020

Circolombia Roundhouse London Photograph by David Levene 11/4/15

The Latino beats were booming loud and proud at Circolombia’s Acelere in The Peacock tent providing a lot of heat on a cold and balmy night in Gluttony. The performers in Circolombia are a young fresh bunch of talented acrobats. Combining sultry Latin beats with hip-hop and rap the two women greeted the audience making their presence known “Circolombia is in the room!”

The Peacock is the perfect venue for high rope acrobatics. There were plenty of high-flying flips and twirls that had the audience gasping with delight none more so than the balancing of one artist with just the rope around his neck and a woman hanging from his arm. Climbing thick hard ropes with their bare feet then twisting and twirling with what appeared to be sheer ease had me questioning “How do they not get dizzy?”

The muscle strength of these performers is inspiring. They make every jump, flip, twist and balancing motion look so simple. Whether it’s swinging from rope to rope with no fear or balancing high up on the ropes doing the splits with hands reaching out to the audience is not simple but that’s the joy and fascination of Circolombia. It’s a nice balance of fun and exciting with tender and soulful.

There’s so much joy and celebration in this show with added fiery Colombian flare. The team spirit and comradery between the performers is tight and they are one big happy family. It’s infectious watching them combine hot dance moves, cheeky smiles with acrobatic flips and exciting aerial feats. You want to jump out of your seat and join in!

Ending on “We want you to see us. We want you to hear us, we want you to feel us.” I saw it, I heard it and I felt it. Circolombia was one hot show!

FringeReview by Anastasia Lambis

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