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So what’s the latest singles in Singles Spin #30? Check out the latest from:

Brisbane based burgeoning artist Hartley has unveiled her new single, How It Feels, the fourth and final track that collectively makes up her debut self-titled EP.

“How It Feels is the summary of the Hartley EP – it’s a song I wrote while I was reflecting on past times, trying to sum up the feeling of being without a person that felt like a part of me, after trying so hard to make things work.”

Hayley Williams has announced the premiere of Simmer, the first single from the GRAMMY® award-winning Paramore singer and founder of haircare and color company Good Dye Young’s hugely anticipated debut solo album. The smoldering track is available now; an equally fiery official video – directed by Warren Fu (Paramore, The 1975, The Strokes). Produced by Taylor York, lead collaborator in the GRAMMY® award-winning Paramore, Simmer heralds Williams’ upcoming debut solo album, PETALS FOR ARMOR, due May 8th.

“I’m so ready and so incredibly humbled to get to share this project,” says Williams. “Making it was a scary, empowering experience. Some of my proudest moments as a lyricist happened while writing ‘PETALS FOR ARMOR.’ And I was able to get my hands a little dirtier than usual when it came to instrumentation. I’m in a band with my favorite musicians so I never really feel the need to step into a role as a player when it comes to Paramore records. This project, however, benefited from a little bit of musical naïveté and rawness and so I experimented quite a bit more. I made this with some of the closest people to me. Their respective talents really shine bright throughout the record. I like to think we all make each other better and the result is something that sounds and FEELS exactly as I’d hoped it would. Now that it’s time to put it all out there, I can finally exhale. I’m excited to let people in to experience a different side of myself that I’ve only very recently become familiar with.”

NSW Central Coast-based indie-rock quartet, Stupid Baby have just unveiled their stunning debut single Feline – produced by Simon Dobson (Bootleg Rascal) and mixed by Dylan Adams (DMA’s, Skegss, The Gooch Palms, West Thebarton).

Drummond describes the motivation behind Feline:

“We felt ‘Feline’ was a good introduction to what’s to come from Stupid Baby. We wrote it pretty quickly in the room together, starting with the riff. The lyrics were fairly stream of consciousness between Jake and I, which we liked. We wanted to hone in on the dual vocal thing, and for all the parts of this song to be driving, and alluding to some kind of intense relationship dynamic. It’s probably one of the moodier, darker Stupid Baby songs”.

Nicole Millar kicks off the new decade with the official clip for sultry single, Favours. Flanked by warped synths and Millar’s signature croons, Favours is a slice of unapologetic pop savagery, and marks the debut of a bold new era.

The video, laden with sass and popping with colour, was shot on Sydney’s Northern Beaches late last year and directed by Rahnee Lally. Favours is the first of a series of new material from Nicole Millar; it’s grittier, more candid and empowered than ever. In her own words: “Don’t let someone walk all over you and manipulate you. Do exactly what your gut says, and own it.”

Australian hit-makers Sheppard have today announced the release of Phoenix, a song dedicated to victims of the Australian bushfires, which aims to raise money for those affected by the blaze.

“Like most Australians who haven’t been directly affected by the bushfires devastating our country, we feel a confusing mixture of guilt, anger, helplessness and heartache.” said George Sheppard “Aside from making our financial donations, we wanted to help in the only way we know how – by channelling our emotions into music.”

“100% of all proceeds will go to those directly affected by this disaster who are going to have to try and rebuild their lives, and to the wildlife foundations helping to care for and preserve the delicate ecosystem we have here in Australia,” said George. “We are a tough, beautiful and proud nation and we will rise out of the ashes stronger and more resilient than ever. Love to all.”

Visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has today announced her devastatingly beautiful new single Become The Fool, a heartbreakingly powerful song about an unbalanced relationship in which one person ends up sacrificing too much of themselves and their dreams for another. PARKER has also announced a gorgeous Bauhaus-inspired clip to accompany Become The Fool. This affecting new single is the first taste of what is set to be an incredibly exciting 2020 for this innovative artist.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, PARKER reflects, “This is the first song that was co-written with my writing and production team, Hans Van Vliet (QLD) and Becki Whitton (VIC), across three states and I’m really excited about it. When a relationship ends it can be devastating. But what happens afterwards can be a beautiful mess of experiences and vivid feelings. When I got to the end of my longest relationship, I realised I had lost so much of myself. I had been living for someone else and their dreams for so long I didn’t know who I was without them. But through this experience, I was set free to find myself again, to pursue my creative practice with all my heart.”

Hailed and panned by critics as “Prince on a serious budget cut”, Donny Benét releases a tantalising new single & video Girl of My Dreams, along with the announcement of upcoming tour dates in the UK & Europe for May 2020. With performances set in 8 cities – including London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin – Benét will bring his iconic 80’s inspired sound to his growing audiences. Full run of dates below.

Donny Benét on ‘Girl of My Dreams’:
“Some songs just write themselves – when it happens you’re a passenger and a vessel to the whole process. Girl of My Dreams was exactly this – as I was feverishly recording instrumental parts I felt that something special was happening. The whistled melody was one of the first components to come in the writing process – I envisioned being on Italian TV in the 80’s dressed in a black velvet tuxedo, hands behind my back while whistling away and melting hearts.

Girl of My Dreams touches on an overall theme of the upcoming album. Age, experience and an attitude of resilience in our lives lead us to the point of pushing aside insecurities and indecisiveness in order to follow one’s heart. The accompanying clip by director Alex Orlando Smith may be one of the finest Donny Benét videos to date. I cannot find the words to justify the genius and beauty of the clip. I guarantee you will have an enjoyable viewing experience. Whether it’s the girl or boy of your dreams, always trust your instinct and don’t be afraid take the plunge for new romance.”

Ghana via Sydney rapper and producer Kwame releases the cinematic visuals for his latest single NOBODY feat. E^ST and announces his first headline shows of 2020 – which will see Australia’s leading hip-hop prospect hit four metro cities around Australia.

NOBODY feat. E^ST, is the second taste of his forthcoming third extended play. The track is a powerful anthem of self-belief; an ambitious leap in lyrical content and production, born out of Kwame’s frustration with life, the creative industries and those who think they know it all. “It’s a reminder for myself and anyone else to listen to yourself, outside opinions are irrelevant,” says Kwame.

Emerging Canadian/Iranian producer Sorena delivers a bouncy electro release You Lose, for his debut single on Central Station Records. The track brings together a pulsating bassline with playful synths and an infectious vocal. Lyrically, the new single focuses on how it is important not to get hung up on the small issues in life – life is too short.

Sorena discusses the moment that inspired the record; “I wrote ‘You Lose’ late on a Friday night. My ex had just recently left me and I was reflecting on my life and everything I’ve gone through over the last few years. It was a stream of consciousness type of moment, but the message I wanted to convey came out clear as day: Life is too short, and it can end at any moment. Don’t waste it being hung up on anyone or anything other than yourself.

To say 2019 was a stellar year for the quietly spoken music icon Archie Roach would be a massive understatement – and it’s set to continue in 2020 as Archie Roach presents his next single and the title track from Tell Me Why.

Archie released his critically acclaimed memoir Tell Me Why and the companion album of the same name in November, and after more than four decades of song writing and recording, Tell Me Why gave Archie his first ever ARIA top – 10 album debut, when it rocketed into the charts at #7.

Australian music icon Missy Higgins kicks off 2020 with a new track Carry You, taken from Tim Minchin’s critically acclaimed Foxtel TV series, Upright. Minchin also wrote the song and features in the music video alongside actress Milly Alcock.

The common thread between Missy Higgins and Tim Minchin is brilliant musician/producer Sarah Belkner, who tours with both artists as their keyboardist. It was Tim who envisaged Missy as the ultimate vocalist to record a version of Carry You for the closing credits of the final episode of Upright, Sarah Belkner revealing to Tim that Missy was a fan of his work.

“After I watched the series (which blew me away, it was so good), I finally understood how multi-dimensional the song is and it made me love it even more. When I sang it in the studio, I felt the ache of regret and the longing for connection through the lyrics, which is something any of us can relate to I think. I’m so happy to be a part of this project, it’s Aussie TV at its absolute best.”

Dreamy singer-songwriter Melbs bb has today announced her new single Astrology (clothesline), a catchy pastel fantasy with a dark, edgy underside, out January 22. The artist has also released a sharp, self-made video to accompany the song, lovingly poking fun at the stereotypes of the signs of the zodiac. To celebrate the release, Melbs bb will be playing an exclusive hometown launch show at the Workers Club in Melbourne on February 27.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Melbs bb, otherwise known as Erica Lilly, says, “I got really into astrology last year, and after digging into my chart, it just explained a lot – particularly about my love life. Stuff that I’ve talked about with my therapist was written in front of me on Co-Star. Anyway, I just felt really called out and needed to vent, so I wrote this song.”

Social Animals have released their new single Best Years, via Rise Records. Watch The accompanying video, which sees the band presented in black and white as they perform, the hazy visuals reflecting the constant movement of life on the road.

Best Years encapsulates the feeling of putting your life on hold when on tour but those you leave behind moving on with their lives. Frontman Dedric Clark’s lyrics cut through the glamourisation of life on the road, when he proclaims “One too many times when you’re always leaving, nobody cares if you stay. And some nights when I drive, I’m not sure who steers. I can’t tell if I’m wasted or just wasting all my best years.”

They don’t come much more energetic than Sydney’s WAWAWOW – their name alone is like a neon slap to the senses – and to kick off a brand new year, the four-piece present a brand new collection of music in the cracking debut album, PINK ELEPHANT out Friday, February 14th. Warping and threading psych, funk and hectic electro-indie influences throughout, the record is the perfect snapshot of the band’s attitude toward creating music. Leading the charge, WAWAWOW’s new single The Big Cookoff is delightfully bonkers – just how they like it.

Equal parts mental and ridiculously precise in delivery, The Big Cookoff is textbook WAWAWOW. Evolving from jam sessions into produced recordings full of raw energy, the single is representative of a band who are firmly in the pocket, firmly tongue in cheek and firmly with their eye on a central vision on making music delivered in one-two punch style. “We always take it as a more-is-more approach with the music. As long as it’s paced nicely, we like to see how ridiculous it can get.” WAWAWOW

London based five-piece HMLTD returned last year to announce the release of their long-awaited debut album West of Eden, alongside explosive comeback singles LOADED and The West is Dead, plus a stunning curveball in Why?, and today share the boldly optimistic anthem Blank Slate.

The synth-pop indebted song deals in the Western mythologies that shape young minds, and encapsulates a more transformative undertone to the debut album.

As frontman Henry Spychalski writes, “Myths are the cultural primordial soup from which society emerges… our Western mythologies are steeped in male violence. They are powerful things, but to see them for what they are, a myth, is to genealogically undermine them. While we obviously must have humility about our limited role as artists, West of Eden exists to examine the myth of man and within “Blank Slate” we propose a newer, better, kinder mythology. ‘The world is ours, and the world is a blank slate.’”

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