Knocked Loose, Jesus Piece, Reactions, 23/19 @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 13/1/2020

There’s a buzz on the street as two of the hottest bands on the international scene arrive in Adelaide for a night of devilishly violent hardcore. Tonight, Knocked Loose and Jesus Piece are here to cause devastation within the venue of biblical proportions.

The room is already filling quickly, with space becoming a premium, as Adelaide’s 23/19 take to the room with their own brutal hardcore slam downs. The pit widens as the moshers work themselves into a frenzy, the band meanwhile bring the heavy riffs, acting like an erratic puppet master over the audience. A glorious hardcore moment arrives when Mauvais vocalist Jaycob gets on stage lending vocals adding to the apocalypse forming before them.

Also hailing from Adelaide are Reactions, who just keep turning the screw tighter and tighter onthe already wound up all ages crowd. It’s hard to believe that more people can fit in the room as the crowd begin to start slowly creeping onto the stage. The strong connection between band and crowd toing and froing as the band dig deep into their hardcore arsenal to deliver a pounding set.

If you have not heard of American’s Jesus Piece yet, strap yourself in, you soon will. They are an aggressive, hardcore, bluedgoning, joy to watch. They somehow manage to get a circle pit happening as some old school punk grooves kick in. Vocalist Aaron Heard growls like a lion protecting their food as the pit becomes more akin to a gladiator death match. Despite the obvious hardcore stance – a strong Agnostic Front influence can be felt – they are not afraid to bring thrash metal or even a touch of industrial ambience to the fold as they finish with the fear inducing Oppressor and Not One Truth.

Knocked Loose are on their first headlining tour of Australia, supporting their sophomore album A Different Shade Of Blue, and Adelaide does not disappoint them in the sold out venue. Opening with Trapped In The Grasp Of Memory the Americans go straight for the jugular of the crowd with a tirade of angst vocals and shuddering musicianship. The crowd attack back, standing face to face, eyeball to eyeball with vocalist Bryan Garris in a standoff of intense vibrancy.

Oblivions Peak has the surfers, the singers and the karate kickers go to a level dangerously close to incendiary as the musical performance pours more oil on the flames being generated in the pit. Every inch of space is keenly fought for as Knocked Loose deliver another combustible song after another.

Watching from the side as …And Still I Wander South is like watching the waves crash along the promenade during a storm, as surge upon swell pushes the crowd further onto the stage and into the resolute bands space. Knocked Loose hold firm in a display of power and strength taking everything the crowd has and eventually quelling them through exhaustion.

It was volatile, it was edgy, it was impressive. The room still pulsating long after the hum of the amplifiers finished. It would not be a surprise if anything was Knocked Loose after that exhilarating performance after all.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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