Stray From The Path, Kublai Khan, Deadlights, Mauvais @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 12/1/2020

Unify Festival may have finished over in Victoria however it’s aftershocks can still be felt over in Adelaide as New York’s Stray From The Path arrive with a brutal line up designed the leave your head pounding on the tour supporting the excellent Internal Atomics album

Opening is our own Mauvais, whose heavy hardcore style shakes the room like an earthquake. They switch gears between speeds and display a subtle melody weaving its way throughout the breakdowns as shown with the belting new song I Feel Nothing.

For those who do not know Brisbane’s Deadlights, get on board now. They bring a tasty song writing structure and dynamism to the music which is instantly singable. The energy transference with the crowd is buzzing and vocalist Dylan Davidson whirls around the stage like a manic Tassie Devil. Despite the catchy moments, when it comes time to hit hard, they hit with the ferocity of a Mike Tyson hit back in the day and leave the audience punch drunk.

In Texas, they bring a different vibe to the world and Kublai Khan are the epitome of that. While some of the grooves have a southern Metallica influence, it’s the punk hardcore attitude of everyone being involved and part of the show which elevates them. Self Destruct starts with a gentle rock riff before the sonic boom of the drums kicks in. They can funk it up with BC and the way the crowd responds during The Hammer and Antpile, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were the headliners.

Stray From The Path waste no time in getting the room bouncing as Fortune Teller rips the pit open only for it to smash back into itself. Vocalist Andrew Dijorio has the audience clapping, sharing the mic before reminding us to be together regardless of your background as Goodnight Alt-Right brings the cacophony of noise.

By the time Ring Leader has literally the whole room involved in the pit, the sweat is dripping of many of fans, the walls and the ceiling. Topping off the show with Badge & A Bullet, which includes a touch of Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name, and First World Problem Child with a breakdown that sounds like a tsunami hitting us.

For those us who didn’t venture across the border, we were blessed to have this line up come to us. There will more than a few sore heads at work this morning. Mine included and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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