Maho Magic Bar Comes To The Fringe

A brand new venue, concept and show awaits Australian audiences this year at Adelaide Fringe – the Maho Magic Bar. Inspired by the magic bars of Japan’s glittering nightlife capitals Tokyo and Osaka, a bespoke venue has been created – a cacophony of blazing neon on the outside and cool sophistication on the inside. While bartenders serve up the flavours of Japan, consummate Japanese master magicians will perform your own exclusive magic show at your table.

This truly immersive production takes bespoke experiences to a new level for audiences. Created by the minds that produced the award-winning A Midnight Visit, Australia’s first large-scale theatre journey, this will be another impactful experience for audiences of an entirely different kind. Expect wonder, humour, joy, surprises, delectable drinks and of course, the best close-up magic for your eyes only.

With only 30 seats at the bar per show, it doesn’t get more intimate. True to the bars of Japan, purchase a drink upon entry – and if you’re adventurous of spirit, then select a special magic moment from the ‘surprise menu’.

“We wanted to bring a little bit of Japan’s crazy, cool wonder to Australia and give audiences an experience unlike anything they have ever experienced before,” says Co-Director Kirsten Siddle. “Those looking for a new way to discover entertainment will be enchanted, and those looking to engage with extreme skills will be astonished.”

“Seeing close-up magic really does inspire awe,” says Co-Director Danielle Harvey. “The skill, finesse and personalities of these master magicians, and the joy they elicit from their performances, is really something special.”

The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Rundle Park I Kadlitpina, East Terrace, Adelaide
February 14 – March 15, 2020
Tickets from $49* / 60min

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