Geowulf Australian Tour

Still glowing after unveiling their stunning sophomore album My Resignation to rapturous acclaim in October, dream-pop duo Geowulf have ensured their star will keep ascending as they lock in a cosmic run of Australian dates for February 2020.

Kicking off in Sydney, saying G’day to their home fans on the Sunshine Coast and winding through intimate venues in Brisbane and Melbourne, this now London-based team of Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin will be fresh off a comprehensive run through the US and UK and sharing tracks from this year’s release as well as 2018’s stunning debut Great Big Blue.

Drawing from the likes of Beach House, Mazzy Star and Fleetwood Mac as they present a patient, shimmering bed of guitar mastery and centimetre perfect vocals, Geowulf are a band a lifetime in the making.

Toma and Star have been friends since they both grew up on Queensland’s dazzling Sunshine Coast. Despite forging a strong friendship and bond, the two never actually collaborated musically until much later in life.

In fact, they grew up and scattered. The nomadic Kendrick bounced back and forth between Sweden, Australia and Berlin as Banjanin searched for greener pastures in London. It wasn’t long though, before their mutual musical obsessions and a touch of serendipity led them to the stage.

The newly formed duo gave themselves the name of Geowulf (a combination of the Swedish warrior Beowulf and a translation of ‘geo’ into ‘earth’) and were signed after just one show together. Kismet was in the air and it wasn’t long before they released their well-loved debut record Great Big Blue.

Released in October, My Resignation has been no less addictive, with brutal lyrical honest and playful musical strokes combining loosely like effortless watercolours.

“This feels very personal to us”, Kendrick explains.

“It was written over a few years and signified an important season of learning to accept certain things and get back other things for myself. My Resignation also feels like a personal declaration to “let sleeping dogs lie”. We’re excited to share it and hopeful of listeners feeling connected to any of the songs.”

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