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Indie rockers on the rise, Melbourne’s Sienna Wild have today announced their exhilarating, gritty new single You Wouldn’t Know, a track that places the listener in a strange and unsettling situation between two lovers, out today, December 2. The group have also released a killer lyric video to accompany the track. To celebrate all things You Wouldn’t Know, Sienna Wild is heading out on a national tour in January 2020, kicking off at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on January 2, then moving through Adelaide, Brisbane, and wrapping up with a hometown show in Melbourne at The Tote on January 31. Sienna Wild drop by to answer some questions about their new single.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single?
The build up has been really exciting and full of anticipation! We really are proud of this song and the writing, recording and playing of it so we love talking about it and getting everybody as excited as we are!

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
It was challenging, but only in the sense that it was written in parts a few years ago and it was a challenge to piece it altogether, find the right vibe and energy and then really nail the feelings attached to the musicality and lyrical content.

We recorded it with our producer, Oscar Dawson and he was so full of energy and amazing encouragement around the song, it really was a dream to record and we hope people enjoy it and can relate to it.

Sonically, how would describe your music?
I feel we are a guitar orientated indie-rock band with a pretty wide range of influences and broad appeal. We sound modern but you could easily trace where we get our sound from, as individual players and as a collective group. Sonically, we feel like if we love it, then we give the song the best chance to be loved by others.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
I personally think it would be our musical families and our upbringing. But as a band we are equally as inspired by new artists making amazing music to the great songwriters of the past, in particular the 60’s and 70’s. But we also love listening to a range of music within the band and share each other’s favourite music at the time.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
The best piece of advice I was given was really recent actually, and it was simply to “stay active” in the industry, playing and writing. If you aren’t writing and playing, you can never make your mark and essentially don’t exist, so just keep going! Simple but powerful!

How did the band get together?
Jon and I got together in high school and starting writing and playing together pretty much straight away. Then we had a few lineup changes, but it was always the two of us, until we met Lewis, then he brought along Lucas and that was it really. We gelled immediately and that was it.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
Yeah we are! We can’t wait for our summer tour coming up in January, around Australia! We would love to tour every release and see Australia, then see what happens! Then the world!

What’s next for Sienna Wild?
Our tour to promote the single. We are heading to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, then doing a huge launch in Melbourne at the end of Jan. Then after that, take our new songs to the studio. Exciting times ahead!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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