Reilly Stapleton On Her Top Five Albums

Empowered songwriter Reilly Stapleton has announced her enthralling new single Impulse, an unsettling, eclectic rock ballad about the fine line between our morals and our devilish impulses which is out right now. The intriguingly dark song is accompanied by a brilliant, slasher-style clip, directed by Michael Sadler (Teenage Dads). Check out the clip below and read on to find out about Reilly Stapleton’s “All Time Top 5 Albums”.

Top 5 Albums of All Time by Reilly Stapleton:

This is really a super hard question, but I’ll just tell you some all-time classics of mine.

  1. Iridescence or Ginger – BrockHampton.

They bring a new light to the word “Boy Band”. Always experimenting with sounds and techniques that you never know what to expect, but, you’re always guaranteed to be engaged!

  1. Americana – The Offspring

I’m picking this one for sentimental value!

Every time I hear this album, along with the song Self Esteem I get reminded back to my childhood and rocking out with my dad on long car trips!

They’re a cool band and bring back some solid memories for me!

  1. Ultraviolence – Lana Del Ray

She is a goddess of songwriting and this album is glory to her magnificent art! Just listen to the lyrics weave through your mind and the stunning Melody’s pull everything into a perfect balance!

  1. Harry Styles – Harry Styles

Another glorious collection of beautifully written pieces that persuade the mind to embark on their own journeys!

The sounds and instrumental components that accompany just make everything so engaging and able to be listened to on repeat!

  1. The Fall of Hobo Johnson – Hobo Johnson

Yeah yeah yeah okay, everyone can shut down that common saying now of “you either love him or you hate him”, I think what he’s doing with his artistry is brilliant!

He’s so unique and expressive in every single piece he delivers. He’s a story teller and ensures that the audience is exposed to his tales in the most raw and emotional way he deems fit.

Each song is subjective to its own individuality and he delivers that sense of importance with every line he recites

Compiled By Rob Lyon

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