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Woodville Town Hall & Onya Soapbox present November Nights. A new music festival celebrating soul, storytelling, diversity and strength from some of the most phenomenal female performers in the Australian music industry.

Following on from its inaugural music event – ALTFEST – in June 2019, the Woodville Town Hall will come alive with the sounds of the incomparable Mojo Juju, Ella Hooper and Alana Jagt on Friday 8 November, while on Saturday 9 November – Thando, Caiti Baker, Karen Lee Andrews and Jay Power will give audiences a chance to dance to sublime tunes in this 90-year-old building. Caiti Baker answers a few questions about “November Nights” and talks about her new music.

Are you looking forward to playing “November Nights”?
Very much so! It will most likely be the last live show I’ll play for the year and it’s the day after I release my EP Dust (Part 1). So there’s lots to celebrate! The line up is killer too.

How important are festivals like this in showcasing the awesome female talent in Australian music?
Representation is extremely important for culture to evolve. Regardless of gender identity, good music is good music and this line up is a perfect example of that!

Is there anyone on the line up that you’re looking forward to watching from side of stage?
I’m a huge fan of Thando so I love seeing her live! I haven’t caught Karen Lee Andrews or Jay Power yet so I’m really excited to see them.

Are you focusing mostly on greatest hits or will we get a chance to hear some new songs?
I’ll be playing a little mash up – some new tunes and the staples, plus a little surprise!

What is the story behind your new single Gone?
Gone is my “rebirth” song. For something to be reborn, something must die. It’s about submitting to vulnerability and being comfortable with uncertainty and growing into one’s power.

Do you think sonically your sound has changed much?
Yes, I believe it has. My debut release Zinc was a thematic album based on my Father’s blues guitar riffs combined with all the influences that have had an impact on me. My new music is solid reflection of my vision, my ear, my love and obsession with music. I’m making the music that I wanna hear.

Are you building up to an album or EP release?
Gone is the first song in a series of four that is on my Dust (Part 1) EP, available today! The EP is a journey through my head, conveyed in four parts; each part a song. Gone is “Rebirth”. The second song is Gasoline and that is “Reflection”. The video clip for Gasoline is out now and is a visual follow on from Gone, both created by the insanely talented Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. Saint, the third song is Resilience and the fourth song Enough is “Acceptance”. There is a Part 2 in the making!

How is 2020 shaping up for Caiti Baker?
Very well I believe! I’ve been out of the tour cycle and spending time at home writing and recording for a number of different projects. I hope to have multiple releases out in 2020 through the many guises I enjoy embracing.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Check out November Nights

Friday 8 November
Mojo Juju
Ella Hooper
Alana Jagt

Saturday 9 November
Caiti Baker
Karen Lee Andrews
Jay Power

Tickets are $40 for one night or both nights for $60 at

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