King Coyote

Australian rockers King Coyote have announced their killer new single Coca Cola, an energetic romp inspired by chasing true love, out now. Coca Cola is the first taste of the upcoming King Coyote EP Wild, an absolute masterclass in rock n roll, out now.

King Coyote will be heading out on tour throughout November to celebrate the release, then heading through Kingscliff to support Grinspoon, home to Port Macquarie for a series of shows, wrapping with a summer show on December 28 at Tacking Point Tavern (Port Macquarie) supporting Thirsty Merc.

Five Bands that Influenced King Coyote’s Sound (Josh Hall – Bass)

  1. Queens of the Stone Age

From Rated R to Era Vulgaris – our sound has always followed a dynamic of solid guitar riffs and hooks. Melody and a sharp beat to keep the heart going and an allure to hear whats next, is a surprise that we take from the KING Josh Homme in our style of writing.

  1. The Rolling Stones

If your not a Beatles fan your a stones fan. From any album this human love making machine makes it’s hard to not have a solid influence from them. To still be relevant after a few years yet alone fifty or more is a driving force alone but to love the band as much as we all do is why. Hence our lead singer paying homage to the lords by getting his chicken thigh tattoo’d in honour of them is a perfect amount of influence.

  1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The steaze on these guys is absolutely mesmerising. The ability to keep control of speed and still make it sound fast thick and mean when its quite poetic and slow is a huge influence. Change is always as good as a holiday but im glad this band has not gone to cancun!

  1. Eagles of Death Metal

Energy, Energy, Energy times a whole lot of fun. This band has been a huge influence in my approach to making sure the above mentioned musically is taken with a tally a cigarette and whatever else comes along with that? Enigmatic front man with a good sense of humour and ability to entertain and pull the crowd in through a solid rock and roll model.

  1. AC/DC

As iconic as you can get when it comes to being influenced by anyone, plus there Australian so it really gets the Rock and Roll clock going from 6 to midnight. The influential guitar sound, the solid blues formula that set up the headmasters curriculum for all the rest of the pupils to follow, probably one of if not the most influential bands of all time who don’t mind taking the long road to the shop for a sausage roll.

Compiled By Rob Lyon

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