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Sydney’s internationally-acclaimed post-rock legends We Lost The Sea have released their new album Triumph & Disaster via Bird’s Robe Records. They’ll also be heading out on an Australian headline tour in November hitting stages to showcase their brilliant new album. Drummer Nathaniel D’Ugo drops by to talk about their new album.

Are you relieved that your album Triumph & Disaster is finally out?
We definitely are. It’s something that we have been working on for so long that actually getting it out and sharing what we’ve been stressing over for the last two years is a massive relief. Especially as we had put so much stress on ourselves even before we had written a bar of this record. Departure Songs was a such an unexpected whirlwind that following it up felt like a monumental task.

How did you celebrate release day?
All differently. Matt Harvey was in South America, so he celebrated by playing it over a café sound system in a small town. I celebrated with dinner with the wife and some of the others with a shot of liquor. We’re all spread out within a 150km radius of each other so celebrating together can be difficult sometimes.

Have you been happy with how it has been received so far?
We are very happy with how it has been received. Being the follow up to Departure Songs we were unsure how people would take it. Also, this being only our second instrumental album we were still finding our way through writing instrumental music. We had showed it to friends, family and trusted confidants and they had given us good feedback but to have that same response from fans of the band has made us very happy.

Was the process of making the album as challenging as you thought?
Yes and no. We started the process with we need to write another Departure Songs in mind. We felt we had to live up to hype that Departure Songs had so instantly we put ourselves under pressure. Everyone knows the story behind Departure Songs and how that album came about so then to follow it up without the emotion that was involved was difficult. When we eventually started to think about just writing the album we wanted to write without worrying about how it would be received it made the process a lot easier.

How would you describe the We Lost The Sea sound to someone who hasn’t heard of the band before?
Long cinematic songs that tell a story without words.

Has 2019 exceeded your expectations with what the band has achieved?
The last few years have exceeded our expectations. 2019 kicked off with finishing writing the album and heading into the studio to record it and a couple of awesome tours. We like to plan ahead but it’s never a guarantee that the year will turn out as you planned but nearly all our plans for 2019 came to fruition.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
This is always a difficult one as we all take influences from different places. When it comes to writing we take a lot of influence from the story we are trying to convey. Matt and Mark came up with the story for Triumph & Disaster early in the writing process so a lot of the time while in the studio the story telling influenced how the song would unfold. There are musicians and bands that we look up to but for as many as we share there are just as many that we don’t.

How did We Lost The Sea get together?
Matt, Carl and I many years ago played in a band that Mark was a fan of. When that band dissolved I would see Mark often as he went to uni near where I worked and every time I would see him he would ask if I was keen to jam. We eventually found the time to do it and after a little while we realised we had something special and here we are twelve years later. The band is vastly different to what we started off with as but the principles that Mark and I had upon starting the band are still here.

Are you looking forward to getting out on the road and touring the album?
Absolutely. While we love Departure Songs and what that album has done for us it is nice to have a new album to play. It’s also nice to finally play these songs on a stage. Playing them in the studio is fine but there is an extra element of fun and emotion playing them live with a good PA and lights.

How exciting is 2020 looking for We Lost The Sea?
Pretty damn exciting so far. We’re in the process of locking in a few things so once it’s all locked in we’ll announce what the plans are.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch We Lost The Sea on tour this November…

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