Dylan Lewis & Jane Gazzo Launch New YouTube Channel

Much-loved media hosts and music identities Jane Gazzo and Dylan Lewis have launched a home grown and self-produced new series featuring music interviews and performances, along with some wide ranging chats about what’s going on here and abroad. A true indie effort, and done strictly for fun, the series will highlight the plethora of great new music happening around the traps and seeks to provide a forum for artists and fans alike to share what’s going on in their neck of the woods.

The action takes place in an old caravan recovered from the scrapyard and re-purposed into a makeshift studio. While the space is tight, the feel is loose and casual offering viewers the chance to camp out with Dylan and Jane without the inconvenience of a shared shower block. So far guests in the van have been Press Club, Ash Naylor, Picket Palace, Swervedriver, P-Unique and Henry Wagons, with many more in the can!

The intention is to take the rickety 1965 Viscount Camper direct to the artist whether that be at a gig, festival, hotel or by the side of the road if the ‘Damned Van’ doesn’t quite make it.

No matter what challenges may lay ahead (mechanical issues or otherwise!), Dylan and Jane will do their darndest to post daily on their Youtube Channel throughout summer.

The duo previously hosted the incredibly successful ABC TV show, Recovery, in the 1990’s and have remained good friends ever since. This year, they decided to come together to share the music they are discovering now, and recover some of the music they were into back then.

Says Jane: “Over the years, Dylan and I have always entertained the idea of working together again. This year we decided to do something about it. Although this is very much a passion project, we are having a lot of fun and are really excited about the possibilities. I feel like a 14 year old girl again whose just discovering music for the first time with her best mate. We have had a million belly laughs and an array of brilliant muso’s who have been so generous in being part of this adventure. How does it get better than this?”

“We just love music and musicians and we love working with each other. We got sick of people telling us music TV is dead so we thought “stuff it”. Let’s just do our own thing coz we love it. So we are.” – Dylan

So check in with Jane and Dylan and hear about out the best in new music, a bit of back catalogue action with a dash of music history and of course the requisite chaotic banging on in between the other stuff.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel “Recovered”

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