You Am I @ The Gov, Adelaide 3/10/2019

You Am I! You Am I are in red hot form literally stepping off a plane three days ago fresh off their European tour. With a sell out crowd on hand it was about celebrating the release of their seventh album Convicts on vinyl. What a mighty fine album that one is and tonight’s set list had a heavy leaning for that album. The band took to the stage with Tim Rogers saying “let’s get to work kicking it off with The Sweet Life followed by the pearler Thuggery. Rogers said “C’mon Russ give ‘em a dance song” belting their way through By My Own Hand.

I was so pleased to hear one of my favourites Gasoline For Two from the Idiot Box soundtrack get a much welcomed look in followed by Mr Milk for our “lactose intolerant friends”. For a band that is still quite jet lagged you would hardly know it. According to Rogers Secrets was puberty blues set to music. It isn’t until you line all these songs off Convicts when you realise how good an album Convicts is with each one potentially being a single in its own right.

Nervous Kid was a ripper and Rogers responded to a heckler saying yes I’m a Rockstar, to ugly to be a model or your boyfriend. Constance George was dedicated to their little sister Adalita who has so much soul it’s bursting. So, so good! I think the fans were bursting with happiness and the occasional squeal of delight. Rogers dedicated Gunslingers to the band highlighting that they had only returned from their European tour three days ago.

I’m A Mess was fantastic and their roadie Steve was described as a “romantic prospect” and describing bodies like Grammy Statutes. As Rogers said “back to the songs of misery, depravity and mental illness”. Friends Like You and It’s Funny How We Don’t Talk Anymore are classy numbers and the band powered their way through them with ease. She Digs Her, oh my god, how good was that! Hot damn!

Rogers spoke of a moment with Ride’s Andy Bell who was walking past their studio in the US when they were recording #4 Record who thought Top Of The Morn’ & Slip Of The Day sounded like a Wilco songprompting him o say “one day we’ll write a Wilco song”. Set staple How Much Is Enough was superb and to the dickhead who invaded the stage during Jewels & Bullets you should be banned for life. Stunned and a little rattled the band regrouped saying we play dance music and don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Purple Sneakers, Who Put The Devil In You and Cathy’s Clown simply doesn’t get any better. Rogers suggested that Piano Up The Tree is the best song he has ever written pointing out that rock ‘n roll isn’t perfect and if you want it perfect, you at your love life. Right about now would have been the mandatory encore break and as Rogers pointed out that could have gone off and done a few lines but they aren’t one of those condescending bands but stayed out on the stage.

In a poignant and heartfelt moment the band dedicated Heavy Heart to their good friend Kim Shattuck from The Muffs, The Pandoras and many others who passed away earlier this week. It was sad to see Tim so cut up but rallied the crowd to dance with the band on Rumble. In thanking the crowd Rogers that everyone for giving the band a second, third, fourth, fifth chance and reminding the faithful to be good to your bartender bringing it home with Berlin Chair. It was great to see the band happy and playing so well. G.B.T.F.L.o.U.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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