Angry Birds 2

It is hard to believe that the highly addictive game Angry Birds downloaded by millions on smart phones and tablets would actual translate to a movie let alone a sequel in Angry Birds 2. Like the game there’s broad appeal with quite a few tee-hee moments for the mums and dads and enough happening on screen to hold the attention of the kids as well. It is a fun and enjoyable movie that is well worth a look.

To understand the film it probably does help to know the basics of the game. Essentially it’s the birds who are angry because their enemy are the pigs who steal their eggs. Seems simple enough! So in an act of retaliation the birds launch themselves one by one by a sling slot at the Piggy Island with a higher point score being the result of the maximum damage being inflicted and the least number of birds being flung in the sling shot. It’s all in the trajectory!

This is where the sequel takes a different twist where this war between birds and the pigs has been paused in order to ward off the new enemy on neighbouring Eagle Island. The themes of team work and friendship are strong that run throughout which makes for some valuable lessons and talking points with the kids on the way home and I think having a number of strong female characters is important also.

The infamous Red Bird (voice of Jason Sudeikis) tries valiantly to maintain his hero status on the island and is keen is stir, agitate, heighten this war between Bird Island and Piggy Island. Red’s partners in crime are Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride) go about the of protecting their island from the pranks initiated by the Pigs. Open the door for Leonard (voice by the infamous Bill Hader) leads the pigs with the continual bombardment of objects on Bird Island.

Things change when the new threat emerges with the crazy and slightly unhinged Zeta (voiced by Leslie Jones) whose motive is to destroy both islands. The relationship between Red and Leonard changes for the better as both realise they need to call a truce and take up the good fight together. With the revelation that Zeta has developed a super weapon to be used to the detriment of both islands Red and Leonard unite and inspire others to take up the good fight. Chuck’s sister Silver (voiced by Rachel Bloom) role can’t be understated in this mission devising a plan to attempt to destroy the super weapon. Red becomes more self-aware in the process learning some valuable lessons along the way including humility and that there is no “I” in team. In a race against time do they save the islands? Can all three islands live in harmony? Well, you better get down to your local cinema to find out what happens.

The soundtrack from the film is a real feature as well including the likes of Kesha, David Bowie, 2 Unlimited, Europe to the likes of Jimmy Buffett and Bonnie Taylor.

Film Review By Rob Lyon

Angry Birds 2 is in cinema now.

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