Clem Burke & Bootleg Blondie Australian Tour

Clem Burke, Blondie’s original drummer joins Bootleg Blondie to celebrate the classic Parallel Lines album (Heart of Glass, One Way Or Another, Sunday Girl, Hanging on the Telephone, Picture This) They will play the album in full + a special encore of The Best of Blondie – Call Me, Atomic, Dreaming, Union City Blue, Denis, In The Flesh, Rip Her To Shreds and More!

Bootleg Blondie are the only Official Blondie Tribute Band. Unlike most tribute bands the group have the added authenticity of Blondie’s real life, renowned and celebrated drummer, Clem Burke.

Bootleg Blondie are the only tribute band to ever play the legendary CBGBs. They also had the unbelievable honour of being mentioned on Blondie’s acclaimed 11th album Pollinator, a first for any tribute band!

Clem Burke was Blondie’s drummer. Burke’s combo of crisp backbeat and kinetic, Keith Moon-influenced bluster helped set Blondie apart from the pack. With Burke behind the kit, Blondie put everything from disco grooves and reggae to hip-hop beats into the group’s smash hits. Burke had a presence and charisma beyond your typical sticksman.

Debbie Harry said “He was into jumping over his drum kit fairly regularly… Clem showed up, and he was a real star. He could play, and you could tell that it was his life”. When Blondie disbanded Burke played drums for Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, Eurythmics, Iggy Pop and Joan Jett amongst others.

Parallel Lines is a flawless and iconic album and established Blondie as full-fledged pop stars. Along with the punk-meets-disco #1 hit Heart of Glass, the herky-jerky One Way or Another, the cover of Nerves’ Hanging on the Telephone. There were still another two singles, the pop gem Sunday Girl and Picture This.

Tickets on sale from Metropolis Touring