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Augie March are thrilled to be bringing On The Quiet back to life and into some of their favourite venues IN AND AROUND Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, AND Brisbane. Adam Donovan, Dave Williams, Edmondo Ammendola, Glenn Richards, and Kiernan Box will take the opportunity to revisit tunes across their revered twenty three year career. Rarities and crowd pleasers will be given equal billing, songs re-imagined and distilled, the lyrics and voice of Glenn Richards will shine through. The band have said to fans not to miss this intimate and special tour it could be another ten years (or longer) before it rears its precious head again. David Williams answers a few quick questions for Hi Fi Way.

How much is Augie March looking forward to getting back on the road?
We have actually been fairly busy the last 18 months. There was a new album Bootikins in 2018 and we’ve been playing a lot of festivals all over the country.

Are there any plans to tour this more broadly (Adelaide hint, hint…) later in the year?
It’s not inconceivable. But let’s just see if we can get through this leg without killing each other first. Blunt instruments, sharp tools abound in a band environment. Has anyone ever been garroted with a bass guitar E string?

Has it been an interesting process going back and reinterpreting the songs with a minimalist approach?
Yes. One of the interesting things is that the singer Glenn lives in Hobart, the rest of us in Melbourne. He can’t really rehearse with us and he doesn’t actually know what the songs will sound like until the tour starts. In my experience that is a unique process.

Did it take quite a bit of practice to get these songs how you wanted them to sound?
It never ends. After eighteen years in the band I’m still practising, always interpreting them a little bit differently. I don’t really enjoy playing songs exactly the same way every time, it’s always evolving. We start by meeting in lounge-rooms and gently play along to the original recordings, mainly to help us remember them.

Is the band tempted to record these new interpretations?
Ummm…no I don’t think so. Someone in the crowd probably will.

Did some songs take more work than others?
There’s one song we have never played ever, some others that have only been heard in public a handful of times. It’s not going to be a purely greatest hits set (which is lucky because that would only be about a three-song list).

Do you think playing these songs in a smaller more intimate venue will contribute to the atmosphere?
Every venue has a different atmosphere, and that always makes an impact on the performance and the experience. Although we’re not actually playing many small intimate venues on this tour. I thought we would, but it seems we’re much too popular to be able to do that.

What’s the future outlook for Augie March beyond these dates?
It really is very uncertain and volatile. These could be the last shows the band ever does. But probably not.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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