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Hot off the back of her latest single Transient, Australian singer-songwriter Taylar Paige has released her much anticipated debut EP The Daydream. The Daydream EP inspires people to question everything and realise the power of self. It does this beautifully whilst also causing a stream of consciousness that shires away from the norm or set social construct in the minds of the listener. Taylar answers some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on the EP, on reflection do you think it was an ambitious undertaking just thinking about writing, recording and producing the EP?
The Daydream came about quite easily. Each song started as a poem; a messy scribbling in a book I carry with me at all times. I get writers block quite often, but the lyrics for The Daydream came about faster than I could write them down! In terms of writing the music, I spent almost every night for a month experimenting with different sounds and tones that I felt encapsulated the depth of the lyrics. Beau McKee recorded, produced, mixed and mastered each song on The Daydream EP. He has a wonderful way of understanding me, even when I speak complete gibberish. Beau perfectly captured the idea I had for The Daydream EP and made it come to life.

Is it hard to get the right balance of tracks that best represents you?
No, not at all. I believe The Daydream EP holds a perfect balance of how I’d like to represent myself and my music. There are songs like Lechery and Metamorphosis that are quite confronting and vicious and, by contrast, there are songs like Mourning and Transient that show a delicate vulnerability and a sense of helplessness.

Did you have an idea in your mind of how you wanted the EP to sound?A lot of my songs are driven by the sounds of Puscifer and Tool so, essentially, I wanted The Daydream EP to be dark, progressive, bass-driven and poetic.

What is the background behind lead single Murder?
Murder was the first single released off The Daydream EP. I chose to debut Murder for its strikingly haunting undertones and long vocal introduction, which I think acts as a perfect prologue for the EP. Murder is almost all completely metaphorical. When we love, it can be seen as cannibalistic at times- we give ourselves to others and they consume us. Murder explores the consequences of a love gone wrong and truly illuminates the idea that we can control the fate of all around us. We are capable of bringing life to our surroundings and, by the same token, capable of destroying it all.

For those who haven’t heard of Taylar Paige, how would you describe your sound?

Where did you seek your inspiration from for the EP?
I was motivated to write The Daydream EP by the simple idea of questioning everything. I wanted to bend my mind as far as it could go, and then further. I really wanted The Daydream to inspire people to realise the power of self and more importantly, the mind-body. The title itself almost gives away my intention with the EP; to cause a stream of consciousness that shires away from the norm or set social construct.

Have you been pleased with the feedback received so far?
The feedback from The Daydream EP has been overwhelming and I’m so grateful for those who have heard it and taken whatever they may needed from it. It’s been great to hear so many different interpretations of the lyrics and music videos from different calibres of people.

Has the creative process continued and is there another EP or album in the works?
I’m currently writing new music and I am itching to record ASAP. It’s a lot more experimental with each song sounding different to the other. So stay tuned for a new release soon!

Are you planning to tour at some stage?
Hopefully 2020 will bring about an Australian tour, and I’d most definitely love to tour in England again.

What’s next for Taylar Paige?
The Daydream EP release show will be held at The Toff In Town on Thursday July 25th and 100% of the artists take from the ticket sales will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.Tickets available through www.thetoffintown.com or Moshtix.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Taylar Paige when she launches The Daydream EP on the following date…

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