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Gena Rose Bruce has been incredibly busy and has released her second single Rearview is the second single from her forthcoming record Can’t Make You Love Me. The record is a distinct and dynamic debut from a young artist with a clear vision. Produced by Tim Harvey (Teeth & Tongue, Lisa Mitchell), it also features notable performances from musician Jade Imagine on bass and guitar. The album’s creation and release have been three years in the making, with audiences getting their first glimpses via infectious singles Coming Down and The Way You Make Love, which Bruce independently released last year. Gena answers some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on finishing the album, how many fist punches did you do when it was done?
No fist punches but my producer and I did get a celebratory burrito after the final mastering session!

Did you feel this one really tested you?
Production and songs-wise I felt it was a pretty relaxed process. The visual side to the album is what tested me, like the concepts behind the video clips, and what I was going to title the whole album.

Did you have a vision in your mind about how you wanted it to sound
Not a strict one no, when writing these songs I didn’t want to have any boundaries or be tied to any genre. We did a lot of exploring with different sound in the studio.

What was the biggest lesson learnt in the studio?
Bring snacks!

Were there any significant influences on the creative process for you?
I was going through a bit of a big change in my life and these songs helped kind of make sense of that.

What is the story behind the single Rearview?
Wishing the other person well with a hint of sarcasm

Did you have fun making the film clip?
Yes absolutely we had a very fun crew, and driving around the Dandenongs is nice any day!

How much are you looking forwards to these shows coming up?
Its going to be really special to recreate the album again in a live setting.

And there’s a special surprise for Adelaide?
I’ll be playing Porch Sessions on Sunday July 21! Location and ticket details are at

Interview By Rob Lyon

Have a listen to Gena Rose Bruce’s new album…

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