Beartooth, Thornhill, Windwaker @ The Gov, Adelaide 11/7/2019

The queue goes around the block on a cold and wet Thursday night in Adelaide. The anticipation of tonight’s show builds in the air as the masses go through the security checks. Tonight, we don’t just have two of Australia’s best cutting edge bands, we also have one of America’s too gracing us.

Beartooth have come to town on their Disease tour, bringing with them the electric Thornhill and the crushing Windwaker and by the time the latter takes the stage, the people are streaming in eager expectation for a night of breakdowns musically, emotionally and physically.

Windwaker had ventured over the border from Victoria only a short few weeks ago for their own headline spot. Such is the bands popularity, quite a few of the crowd are actually here for them and it’s easy to see why. Possibly the loudest I’ve heard a support band, they are a moshers dream. Whether it’s the hardcore New Infinite, the bouncing mosh area for The Sitch or the nights first circle pit finishing with My Empire, any band that can literally carry Yoda throughout a show is worth the entry fee alone.

Also venturing east from Melbourne are Thornhill, who bubble away like a delicious slow cooked stew. Starting slowly, by the time Sunflower is brought out to the table, they are rocking with an intensity and verve to attack all the faculties. Chuck in a new song from their forthcoming album release and it’s clear this is group that will be back headlining venues like this in the not too distant future.

The intro tape starts to the familiar strains of Queens We Will Rock You, the anticipation is palpable as the crowd roars the iconic chants throughout the venue. Queue the entrance of guitarist Zach Huston who takes to the stage to start the engines with that teasing riff from Bad Listener. The dramatic slow entrance is something many bands don’t do, and shame on them for that, because by the time the rest of Beartooth join the stage, the hairs are standing on the back of the neck, such is the excitement in the venue.

Then boom! The room shakes, the pit goes wild. The paramedics are called in as a crowd member is stretchered out as Beaten In Lips is delivered with the intensity of a nuclear bomb. Aggressive has everybody jumping, there is a rather mesmerising circle pit for The Lines before the band have a well-earned break as drummer Connor Denis goes for a solo run.

Vocalist Caleb Shomo’s band is not a simple hardcore band. They mix their music with metal, punk and straight up old school rock. The theatrics and showmanship all part of the performance to leave you breathless. You Never Know and Hated have an intensity that is only released by the explosion of noise emitting from the crowd.

Finishing, after an emotional speech from Shomo, with Disease the band have everyone drenched with sweat, exhausted and given a thorough work out a PT could only hope for. It may have been cold outside, inside though, Beartooth have made it hot and sweaty, they way a cracking rock show should be.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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