My Elephant Ride

My Elephant Ride make cosmic and soulful indie pop. They return with the second taste off their new album Beyond the Skin which is out now. In late 2016 the Melbourne three-piece released their debut album Into The Jungle, following this release the band have taken their time to craft their followup. Recorded in various locations between Bali and Melbourne, the group have closely collaborated to hone a more pop-oriented sound while honouring their individual idiosyncrasies. The band answer some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Is it feeling of relief when you have finally finished an album ?
HUGE relief however we all love the writing and recording process, it’s a time when we are all together having chats about atoms, sex and the relationship between time and space.

Were you conscious of the second album blues ?
The blues were there, we picked a few drones to start and we took it from there. We’ve all been influenced by blues music and having times of depression ourselves but music is way of transcending that.

Did the second album take longer to conceive and put it together?
Yes! Writing in Bali and Melbourne, mixing, mastering, releasing. It all took over eighteen months. So much work has gone into this. No grants, no management, no special treatment, just us putting everything on the line for the love of music.

The press release talks about honouring your individual idiosyncrasies, what are they?
We all write music in our own way. We’ve all good strange techniques and methods of writing. We’ve all gone strengths and weaknesses. So we make sure we delve into those when writing songs. It’s not about anyone else or trying to impress a certain crowd, it’s about creating something a kind of expression of soul then sharing that, honouring our idiosyncrasies!

Did Beyond The Skin challenge the band in ways you didn’t think?
It did by pushing us to make something very different from the first album. The songs are crisper, cleaner and not as “psychedelic” as the first album. It’s more about specific sounds of synths and guitars and melodies. We are very proud of this new album. Making the vinyl art and single art was also a fun process, thank you friends.

Was it tricky working via long distance?
Yeah it is sometimes with tours and stuff but the gang came to Bali a couple of times so we made it work.

What’s your favourite song from the album and why?
This is always subjective, I like one one and then hate it the next day. Often my own voice. Today it is Diamond Eyes and Heart Heart! Tomorrow probably Heels.

Where did the name My Elephant Ride come from?
Joe said it’s about the journey of an elephant, never ending and tapping into real per-serverence. We will never quit at making music just like the elephants migrating from one side of India or Africa to the other which takes months!

Are there any plans to tour around the country?
We won’t be touring this time but we love playing live shows. I guess the drive between cities is painful, eight hours! We played Adelaide last tour then quickly drive back with no sleep to play with Angus Stone at 170 Russell, it was fun but nearly killed us.

Sonically, how would you compare both albums?
First album is dirty and psych with a lot of weird guitar licks and melodies. First album is cleaner and focuses on melodies and brings out drones and smoother guitar sounds. Very contrasting albums, fucking proud of both, years of work is finally out for the world to hear. We just hope people are willing to get off their social media ad give it a listen 🙂

Interview By Rob Lyon

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