Crocodylus return in a cloud of sweat and fury unleashing their new single Ghosts before setting off around the country once again, this time in support of The Chats.

Grungy as hell, Ghosts is everything fans have come to love about the well-toured trio – fuzzy guitars, hazy vocals, searing riffs, stomping rhythms and time changes. Premiered on triple j’s Home and Hosed Ghosts lulls listeners into a ballad before quickly picking up speed into the raw and blistering chorus. One hundred percent energy, it sits neatly in their sweaty live show. The band take five to answer some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement with everything that’s happening in the Crocodylus camp?
It’s not so much hard to keep a lid on it, more on the side of eager frustration! Haha we have so much new material to show our fans and ideas to come that we can’t wait to share. Crocodylus is in a very exciting and joyous time at the moment.

How was it touring wit The Chats?
Really fun! Big shows too! Always relish the opportunity to play to big receptive crowds and have that cycle of energy roll around the room between us and the punters. Great atmosphere. Especially with the under 18’s shows, those kids are crazy.

Any crazy tour stories you are able to share with those guys?
Haha what happens on tour, stays on tour 😉. Nothing too naughty though.

Does it take a while to unwind from a crazy tour like that?
This tour was shorter than most we do so it wasn’t hard to slip right back into our normal routine. We pretty much just went straight back into doing our own shows.

Are there plans to do your own headline tour before the year is out?
Yep! Absolutely. It will accompany a few new releases that are yet to come around the latter half of the year.

What is the story behind the single Ghosts?
It’s a song Josh wrote a few years back. The song is just about Ghosts too, no hidden meanings haha.

The bio talks about this single as being a change in direction, how do you think it has changed?
The song was original performed as a two piece with Josh singing and playing guitar while I (Steve) would play drums along with him. We have since revived it with Mikel to the point of how it was released. Real happy with its evolution and with a powerhouse behind the kit to give it that meat. The addition of theremin and piano in the recording is also a nice touch and the backing vocals. It’s actually the first song of ours to feature both josh and I singing.

Where does the name Crocodylus come from?
Josh was looking up Latin names of animals to take for a band name and landed on Crocodylus, meaning crocodiles.

Does anything in particular influence that?
A stalemate on picking a name haha and running out of ideas.

Are things building towards an album?
We have an EP already on its way, perhaps an LP next year….

What’s the next challenge for Crocodylus?
To make a full length LP, planning to take on Europe!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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