Sisters Doll, Fyre Byrd, Trash City, David Taylor @ Jive, Adelaide 15/6/2019

It’s a long way to the top someone once sung and for Sisters Doll, whose journey started in WA before relocating to Melbourne, it’s certainly clocked the kilometres up. This is a band though that has chosen its own path to walk as they arrive in Adelaide on their fifth date of their Black Mirrors national tour.

Travelling along with the band is Sydney singer/ songwriter David Taylor, who opens the evenings proceedings with an acoustic show. The music is relaxing and warming. Throw in a cover of the Black Keys and you have a sound for sitting in front the fire with a glass of wine on a cold winters night.

Trash City are making 2019 the year they make their comeback. With a microphone stand that can hold a pint of beer, the band is 80s sleaze metal reincarnated. They bring a mixture of Sunset Strip era LA Guns and Faster Pussycat to the stage, so keep an eye on them if you like your metal glam.

Fyre Byrd have been heating up recently with the release of new single Put Me In A Dress combining with a run of top draw shows, which includes next months sold out Cog show. Opening with Take Me Out, a blazing pop rock song before PMIAD itself is brought out the oven piping hot.

The temperature rises with Fire, as Josh Samtre’s riff of incandescence lights up the stage. The band drop a Green Day cover before drummer Daniella Lee Breeze favourite track Happy Thoughts, which allows her to perform with the verve of a cat on a hot tin roof, ending the set in conflagration.

The new Sisters Doll album title track Black Mirror is about that screen on our mobile phones and it’s control on our lives. At no place more appropriate than this show should the warning be heeded. A set with lasers, flashing guitars and drum kits if you’re looking at your phone, you’re probably missing something.

The band themselves wear their influences very much on their sleeves, or more appropriately on their faces, with a high energy modern take of those on the Boulevard Of Dreams back in Hollywood.

Opening with All Dolled Up there are high kicks most people would get a hernia from trying, there’s snake hip dancing and yes, there is more than one drumstick being twirled.

The Mileto brothers, guitarist Brennan, bassist Austin and drummer Bryce, stretch their energy to each corner of the room encouraging the audience to sing back. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words, the screen behind is there to make sure your involvement isn’t so much encouraged but compulsory.

It wouldn’t be a good time rock n roll band show without a ballad and the band deliver with Together As One before bringing back the groove with Old Enough.

Strutt has a riff reminiscent from that killer track of Budgie’s, Breadfan, before the guys bring out a medley of Queen classics to an approving crowd.

Finishing with the one, two, three ‘JD and coke’ shots of Black Mirror, Dollhouse and Good Day To Be Alive, Sisters Doll have entertained us with licks, kicks and flicks we haven’t seen since Dr. Feelgood itself hit the top of the charts. The next thirteen dates on this tour, you best be prepared to have a great time.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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