The Chats @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 9/6/2019

The Aussie pub rock spirit lives on with likeable larrikins The Chats who played to a full house at Lion Arts Factory. Plenty of questions have been asked as to whether these lads can play the answer is a resounding fuck yeah. There’s no doubt at all that these guys have a massive, massive, massive future ahead of them. They play at such a frenetic pace and their music is so relatable packed full of Australian-isms it’s not funny. It’s not hard to believe the viral hit Smoko launched this trio even to most casual observer.

The Adelaide show joined the long list of sold out shows and with the demand for tickets being so strong they could have quite easily played a much bigger venue. The Chats are mullet wielding front man Eamon Sandwith, guitarist Josh Price (“Pricey” and drummer Matt Boggis who have plenty of riffs, plenty of energy and plenty of good songs.

Opening with Nambored it was on to the full throttle How Many Do You Do which is essentially about pingers. It didn’t take the crowd long to get moshing and at any opportunity go for a crowd surf. Bus Money was gold and Pricey believed that I’m The Best Person In The World is about him. There was the chant of “Oi Oi Oi Oi” before Mum Stole My Darts. There was a quick poll to see how many the audience had an STI before and He’s Got The Clap was dedicated to them.

In such a short space of time they have accumulated some rippers with the youthful rebellion of Don’t Tell Me What To Do and the song about being too hot in Temperature. 4573 is an absolute ball tearer and the band cheekily tried saying the Kiss cover I Wanna Rock ‘N Roll All Night was written on the way to the gig. With the end of the set nearing they pulled out the big guns with Smoko and Pub Feed which send the crowd in to hyperdrive.

With the crowd wanting one more song they got it with I’m Better Than You wrapping up what was a great show. Hats off to the band coming out to the merch desk to sign their highly collectible vinyl and pose for photos after the show. I’m definitely looking forward to some new music and a return tour before the year is out.

Live Review By Rob Lyon\

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