Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey kicks off her The Best Of Luck tour in Adelaide this week at The Gov which promises to be an absolute beauty. Even with a fresh new album out the writing process has continued which go far beyond Alex Lahey which no doubt make for some exciting times ahead. In the midst of writing in the studio Alex takes five to answer some questions for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on an awesome album, you must be really proud of what you created?
Thank you very much! Yeah, I’m really happy with how it has all turned out and am stoked that you’ve enjoyed it.

Do you think that album two would always be the hardest?
I think there is such a stigma about second albums for whatever reason and I really made an effort not to buy into that because I felt it could’ve psyched me out. So I just went about it as business as usual and I’m really glad that I did.

Did you have an idea in your mind about how you wanted it to sound?
All the demos for the record sounded so varied, which was exciting, but I was really conscious of threading them all together when I got into the studio. My co-producer Catherine Marks was instrumental in making that happen. She is a visionary when it comes to creating spaces sonically speaking.

What do you think has changed from your first album?
I think that I am more confident and excited by the studio which means that I’m interested in exploring new sounds and processes. I like to think that this album is a small step in creating what I hope to be a really diverse and rich Alex Lahey catalogue.

Did everything go to plan in the studio?
We were really lucky to not be racing against the clock as we came to the end of our time in the studio and were still able to have time during the process to experiment and have fun – not just stick to the grid.

What’s your favourite track from the album and why?
I have a few, but for the purpose of this chat I’m going to say Interior Demeanour. It was the first song I wrote for the album and it really shocked me with its heaviness and tone. I feel like it set the scene for me to not be bound to any expectations for the rest of the writing process.

Was it hard letting go of these songs?
You’ve got to be able to let go otherwise records don’t get made and shows don’t get played.

How exciting is it knowing your music is being heard right around the world?
Totally! It’s very humbling and gives you a new sense of perspective in that the world can be so big and small at the same time.

Kicking off your tour in Adelaide, are you chomping at the bit to get the tour going?
Super excited! It’s going to be the best AL tour to date!

Beyond this tour what’s next for Alex Lahey?
Lots of shows and writing, and not just for myself. There’s a lot of things in the works that go beyond the Alex Lahey project, which is really exciting.

Is it true that you’re already working on new songs?
I’ve been writing a lot since the start of the year, but not with the intention of another Alex Lahey record. That will come after I do a little more exploring in different directions.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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