Kyle Falconer

After five hit albums, a Mercury Prize nomination and countless sold-out shows with The View, the band’s front man Kyle Falconer will finally tour Australia solo this July.

His debut album No Thank You is a raw and brutally honest collection of songs, much of the record finds Falconer exploring a tumultuous time in his life. The majority of the songs cover a period which commenced when he entered rehab in the summer of 2016, right through to the present day where he’s now embracing a new life and outlook as a father. Kyle answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way about the album and upcoming Australian tour.

Congratulations on your solo album No Thank You, did you find it a therapeutic dealing with the past and moving on with the future
Cheers! Looking back it was therapeutic and I’m glad I went into that place but at the time it was fucking terrifying.

Was that tough going to rehab and getting help?
I’d been three times before so I wasn’t scared of the unknown, I actually welcomed it because I was ready to accept change for real this time.

It must be great to come out the other side with plenty of awesome things such as family to focus on?
Yeah definitely, would be lost without them. What it’s all about at the end of the day!

Was it difficult approaching your solo album giving how much of your time was in an awesome band The View?
It was hard to find the time to do it, when is it ever the right time? But we all felt it was time to take a break and we’re all doing our own projects.

Is that a challenge to separate what you did with The View and forge your own direction as Kyle Falconer?
Not really, I mean a lot of my songs are similar melodies then we punk it up being The View, but their are similar hooks but I feel the more I am focusing on my solo career the more diverse the writing is becoming.

Sonically how would you describe your solo album?
I’m not sure, in my head I wanted it to sound Beatle-esque! Like the kinks… but not sure what it’s ended up sounding like, it’s for the public’s ear to decide!

Who do you look up for musical inspiration?
John Lennon. The Beatles, The Clash, Oasis… I started out listening to classical music, my dad was heavily into his classical music. I also love musicals and country. I’m a bit of everything to be truthful, I just enjoy great music!

Is The View still simmering away in the background?
We’re all working on our own stuff.

How much are you looking forward to this Australian tour?
Jiggin’ can’t wait to get back! Been about three years since I’ve been, can’t wait to get in the beautiful weather playing to beautiful people.

What can music lovers expect to hear at these shows?
Songs I don’t normally do, and done in a different way, I’m finally at a point where I’m enjoying playing every song I’m playing and having more of a relationship with the crowd.

What is the next challenge for Kyle Falconer?
I’m off to America, lots of exciting things happening, keep your eyes and ears peeled lots of things up my sleeve.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Kyle Falconer on the following dates…

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