Tinkertime: The Broken Bubble Machine

Join ABC Kids star Nay Nay for Tinkertime: The Broken Bubble Machine. Join Nay Nay and her tinkering friends on board HMS ‘Curiosity’, a grumpy old bubble-powered airship that flies world-wide. But when the ship breaks down, the Tinkertime team must come to the rescue. This is a voyage of laughs and curiosity.

You may recognise Nay Nay, aka Naomi Young, as the voice of ‘Hootabelle’ from Giggle and Hoot. Tinkertime: The Broken Bubble Machine is a steam punk-style extravaganza with live music, dancing, fascinating machinery and bubbles popping everywhere. Nay Nay, aka Naomi Young answers some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What can families expect to experience at Tinkertime: The Broken Bubble Machine?
Tinkertime is a fun, fast-paced show for families where we tinker with ideas, sing lots of songs and get up on our feet. IF you’re lucky, you might even get a cuddle with Louie the Dog.

Is this the first time performing this show?
This is the Adelaide debut of Tinkertime and I’m very excited to bring the show to South Australia. Sydney audiences have reacted so well to this show, so it’s wonderful to get it out on the road.

What is the story behind Tinkertime: The Broken Bubble Machine?
Nay Nay and her tinkering friends want to go on an adventure to the deep oceans, only their Tinkership won’t start! They avoid disaster by problem solving ways to crank up the Tinkership and have a good time while doing it.

Did you find that this show pretty much wrote itself?
I knew that the climax of the show needed to be ‘Bubble Pop’, which is my most popular song…. so it was just a matter of working out what journey we went on as a crew before that fabulous moment when the room is full of bubbles and the kids are going full banana.

Do you get a kick out of kids/parents when they react to your voice as the voice of Hootabelle?
Hootabellissimo! It is a fun little secret. I remember a few years ago walking through a busy park and seeing multiple Hootabelle kids parties with the most extraordinary decorations and cakes… and they didn’t know that Hootabelle was actually walking right by.

Are kids the toughest critics when it comes to live performances?
They most certainly are – and they’re not afraid to tell you…. it can be a long show when you run out and a few kids start yelling “do the bubble song!!” and you’re thinking…. ‘gee, it could be a long 40 minutes before we get to the bubbles!’ haha!

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
Microphone fails are always pretty embarrassing – you’re up there, thousands of people watching and zero ways to communicate with them except for ridiculous exaggerated hand movements. Oh, and one time I split my pants….

Interview By Rob Lyon