Hellions, Sleep Talk, The Beautiful Monument, Yours Truly, Dregg @ The Gov, Adelaide 3/5/2019

No matter what anyone may tell you in the press, Australian music is alive and kicking. Tonight Hellions, promoting their fourth album Rue tear through town, bringing with them the cream of the Australian alternative scene.

The line up consists of five bands making their own waves throughout the scene, giving young fans excellent value for money on a cold, wet and windy Adelaide night.

First up is Melbourne’s Dregg, who before they have played a note they have grabbed your attention visually. Dressed in silver jumpsuits, crop tops and war paint, the boys are a combination of hardcore metal mixed with politically charged lyrics and a humorous slant. Whether it’s attempting a mic twirl for giggles or getting down low into the crowds face, this band is proving they have something to say that we should listen too.

Having already announced a spot on the UK’s Download festival, Yours Truly recently also confirmed a UK tour with Sum 41.  It’s easy to see why this band have gotten to this point. Despite early vocal issues, vocalist Mikaila Delgado is vibrant and energetic, belying her age, smiling throughout the show. The music is powerful and fun, their brand of pop punk making the venue feel like a hot summers night rather than a dreary autumn evening.

Hailing from Melbourne, The Beautiful Monument take to the stage and deliver some of the heaviest riffs of the night. While they may be small in stature, their sound is huge. Vocalist Lizi prowls the stage interacting with the crowd while bassist Amy flicks the switch of the bands style from delightful pop punk to bruising metal greatness. Throw in a ‘metal’ed up’ cover version of The Veronica’s and you can tell we have a band that will be quite influential within the next generation of artists.

Celebrating the release of their new album Everything In Colour today, is Adelaide’s own representatives Sleep Talk. Mixing catchy musical hooks with a hardcore vocals is an interesting dynamic which works. The dynamic contrast of heavy and light keeps you on your toes as you’re not sure whether to bang your head or enjoy the softer moments. It all works regardless and that’s the beauty of the band and their performance tonight.

Bringing home the charge is Hellions. After the huge success of Opera Oblivia, the band followed that up with the glorious Rue. Tonight the band are in fine form bringing the quality in tracks such as Blueberry, Nightliner Rhapsody and 25 to the charged crowd.

For those that haven’t seen the headliners before, it’s music you can’t help but feel joyful too. The melodies flow through the music with songs the audience can sing too as shown during Quality Of Life creating a beautiful fusion of emotion.

Closing with Thresher and Smile, tonight has been a wonderful display of not just this bands excellence, it’s also been a showcase of the great calibre of Australian bands currently. This is a show worth every single dollar, no matter the weather outside.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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