Adam Page On International Jazz Day

The International Jazz Day concert on Tuesday 30 April at Adelaide Town Hall promises to be an amazing night – in which musical director and saxophonist Adam Page will lead a stunning array of local, national and international performers in a global celebration recognising the incredible art form of jazz.

The show will feature some of the world’s best jazz talent including award-winning Emma Pask, who has firmly established herself as one of Australia’s favourite jazz vocalists. Special guests include two international award-winning musicians from UNESCO Creative Cities of Music – multi-instrumentalist and film composer Jonathan Crayford (Auckland, New Zealand) and contemporary jazz saxophonist Helena Kay (Glasgow, Scotland). Along with talented Adelaide musicians Kyrie Anderson on drums, double bass player Bonnie Aué and Thomas Voss on Trombone, the ensemble will perform familiar jazz standards reimagined and original compositions from Jonathan Crayford and Adam Page. Adam answers some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

How has the build up been to International Jazz Day?
I’ve been really excited! It’s been great doing all the press calls and interviews in the lead up because it’s gotten me so amped about it all! The support from the Adelaide Festival Centre has been amazing too so we are all well-oiled and keen as mustard!

What does the day mean to you?
It is a day to recognise the incredible art form that is jazz. Jazz has put its brush stroke over so many styles of music and its relevance is sometimes overlooked. It’s great that we can celebrate jazz on this day (although I celebrate it most days!)

Who excites you the most on the bill?
I always love playing with and meeting new people. I know everyone on the bill except for Scottish saxophonist Helena Kay. She has a wonderfully warm tenor sax sound that I am so very excited to hear in the flesh… well, in the brass!

How much planning and work goes in to a concert such as this? 
It has actually taken a lot of time to create the incredible set we will be performing! There is great responsibility in being the musical director for a show – I need to create a balanced and interesting program of music that features artists equally. I have also written new music especially for this concert and rearranged other tunes. This all takes time, but it’s been super fun and exciting.

Does each artist perform their own set?
Each of the international and interstate artists will feature on a couple of tunes of their choice, but the night will be curated so there are opportunities for the audience to see/hear an array of lineups including solo, duo, small group, large ensemble etc. I have spent a lot of time balancing this program… I think it will be quite excellent.

Do you think sometimes that Jazz is one of those forgotten genres in Australia considering we have world class talent here?
Absolutely… but the art form has always been on the fringe of modern popular music, so on the fringe is where we thrive! It would be awesome to get more exposure but that is so hard with the over-saturation of content in the music industry currently… but we will always be there, waiting to pounce!

Who do you look up to for your musical inspiration?
Most definitely the people around me. The musicians and artists who I call my friends are the most incredibly inspiring people on the planet!

Beyond this concert what is next for Adam Page?
I have just released a new album called The Colours of Grief. There is still much to be done to get it ‘out there’ so I’ll be spending some time promoting that. I also have a bunch of composition projects in the pipeline ranging from sax quartets to Kiwi children’s music to orchestral to solo trombone! Never a dull moment!

Interview By Rob Lyon

What: International Jazz Day Concert
When: Tuesday April 30
Venue: Adelaide Town Hall
Bookings: or BASS 131 246

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