The Story So Far, Basement, Endless Heights, Madura Green @ The Gov, Adelaide 22/4/2019

The sold out signs had gone up a few weeks back, as one of the most eagerly anticipated shows of the year took place on the last day of the Easter holidays. The place is full to the brim and a guy has just emerged from the mosh pit with a bloody nose. This is The Story So Far….

Opening the night was Adelaide’s Madura Green, a mixture of pop punk and alternative melodies. They’ve been around for eighteen months and secured slots supporting Luca Brasi and now The Story So Far. The singer evokes melancholic lyrics, akin to Smashing Pumpkins, while the band display sounds perfect for those walks down the beach at sunset.

Endless Heights were last here supporting Hands Like Houses and the energetic vibe of their shows isn’t lost on the smaller stage. Despite some technical issues with the vocals, the band power on. Their music is layered like a cake. Vocalist Joel Martorana vocals are haunting while underneath, the band have a driving, almost sinister, rhythm section.

The PA plays the Stone Roses I Want To Be Adored before English band Basement take to the stage, an indicator to the guys influence. With new album Beside Myself under their arms, they open with Disconnect from the aforementioned opus. The mosh pit starts to take shape as the nights first crowd surfers start to roll through.

The set list gradually gets heavier and heavier. Brothers Keeper has security working overtime while For You The Moon, with its Deftones ambience, has the band swaying across the stage. The loudest sounds appear during Covet which lifts the roof off the building as the audience belt out the lyrics.

Parker Cannon and the boys in The Story So Far are the returning heroes though. Opening with Empty Space, the band just let the room take over the singing before Cannon joins in.

With a swagger reminiscent of a young Liam Gallagher, Cannon knows the sold out venue is ready to match him for energy. As Out Of It and Keep This Up demand from the audience, the surfers respond, singing, clapping and losing shoes.

At Quicksand the bloody nose guy appears however rather than be disappointed with his crimson make up, he wears it with pride as he shuffles back to the front.

The set list has much of the new album Proper Dose performed, six songs to be exact, however as is the way, the older tracks raise the volume. Finishing with Heavy Gloom and Nerve, the crowd is exhausted and sweaty having dragged as much energy from the band as possible.

That’s The Story So Far, vibrant, electric and a great time. They are also half way through the Australian tour, so get a ticket and check out what The Story has next.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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