New Music For Polish Club

Polish Club release their new single We Don’t Care and karaoke video to join the previous tasty slice, Clarity, which has now become the blueprint for their revitalised, wall-to-wall sound.

It’s been an intense few months for Australia’s most rambunctious two-piece. Their recent national headline tour in support of Clarity was completely sold out, as were their first ever shows in London. Throw in a nine-date stint across Germany and a barn-busting cover of Footloose at the recent Don’t Kill Live Music rally and it’s no surprise they’re no longer out to impress anyone but themselves.

Layered to the hilt with extra tracks and new instruments, We Don’t Care marks a definitive moment for the band. The track boasts enough emotional wallop to stop Alan Jones mid-sentence, somehow still managing the trick of sounding exactly like Polish Club, yet distinctly different.

“We Don’t Care came out of a really tough couple of months for both of us,” John-Henry says. “We [had] a long, dry spell of writing and recording. Coupled with multiple overseas trips and personal hard times, we were just fucking rinsed. I think the song is about how when your life is going to shit, the things you do to try and escape it often makes it worse. When you say you don’t care about something, it’s just a way of running away and not facing up to your problems.”

“I think we’re forcing ourselves to do something that isn’t our first instinct but is creatively something we want,” adds frontman and guitarist Novak. “We’re not trying too hard to make it super cool or whatever. I don’t really care about that anymore.”

Prostrating himself before the mixing board for this mammoth task is John Congleton (St. Vincent, Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand), who also worked on Clarity, alongside longtime producer and honorary third Polish Club member, Wade Keighran.

Ready your radio dial for a brasher, more honest and completely levelled-up Polish Club. And if you’re not ready for it, well, it turns out they’ve got just the song for that.

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