Matt Tarrant “More Unsolved” @ The Flamingo at Gluttony, Adelaide 23/2/2019

Adelaide’s own magician and mentalist Matt Tarrant returned to the 2019 Adelaide Fringe with his new show MORE Unsolved. Having won awards and sold out shows for the past seven Fringes, Tarrant yet again had a sell-out audience in The Flamingo at Gluttony.

With the assistance of his trusty CatBus who was repeatedly hurled through the air by audience members in order to find volunteers, Tarrant traversed through an hour of entertainment. There were short films, music, comedy, a goose, mentalism, magic, magic and more magic. While everything except the audience participation was semi-scripted and deliberate it was done so with such professionalism that you are likely to be asking “how did he do that?” multiple times over.

Aside from spectacular sleight of hand card tricks, Tarrant delivered some remarkable tricks with the assistance of members of the audience. From the pair who were able to read each other’s minds, and the group of four who assisted with a truly fearful variation of the classic Russian Roulette trick which involved a fish hook in Tarrant’s mouth, to the group of six and that lottery ticket you will be flabbergasted at times. This is the sign of a sensational extraordinary magic and mentalist show.

MORE Unsolved generated a myriad of gasps, hearty laughter and a standing ovation from all. Tarrant won the hearts of Adelaidians a long time ago so its no surprise everyone was endeared with him but producing the calibre of performance he does justifies the reaction.

Fringe Review By Anita Kertes

For tickets, show dates and times for Matt Tarrant’s “More Unsolved” head to Fringe-Tix.

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