Game On 2.0 @ The Bally at Gluttony, Adelaide 24/2/2019

In the intimate setting of The Bally theatre in Gluttony on Sunday 24 February, Adelaide’s young (and slightly older) gaming community gathered to participate in the live gaming experience that is Game On 2.0. Adelaide Fringe staple Matty Grey, video game enthusiast, dad, comedian and children’s entertainer, together with his wife Kathryn, his tremendous assistant, right hand woman and life-sized Pokémon, returned to the City of Churches to share gaming wisdom, bring video games to life and poke fun at beat up audience members with inflatable walking sticks.

Game On 2.0 is a 100% interactive comedy show where audience participation is mandatory unless you willingly desire to be the butt of Grey’s jokes. Well actually, just expect to be the butt of Grey’s jokes because at some stage almost everyone is. The sensational thing about this is that his jokes are genuinely funny.  His interactions with the audience, both children and adults, are genuinely witty so that you can not help but laugh and participate with the action. Even when smart-alecky kids attempt to heckle Grey, he has an instantaneous, non-offensive and hilarious comeback that inevitably and eventually sees him come out on top. This is the sign of a true comedic children’s entertainer who knows his audience and what assists the show to level up compared to other children’s shows at the Fringe.

Throughout the course of the hour-long show, we navigated through some of the most popular games new and old including Fortnite, Pokémon and Operation. Games were played, prizes were won, people were embarrassed…me included, laughter was shared, and everyone appeared to have a sincerely wonderful experience.

Game On 2.0 is a multigenerational entertainment adventure that will resonate with both children and adults alike. For gaming fans, it is the must-see show of this year’s Fringe Festival. Come for the entertainment, stay for the nerf gun war!

Fringe Review By Anita Kertes

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