Circus’Cision @ The Octagon at Gluttony, Adelaide 23/2/2019

Circus’Cision is a late-night variety performance showcasing some of the best circus performers across the Fringe. Head First Acrobats have put together this incredible line-up of performers, that will have you gasping in wonder at strength and balance, laughing at the comedic acting, or even blushing at the nudity. Be warned – this show is not for the prudish.

This is not your typical circus but perfectly combines acrobatics, displays of strength, and comedy with subtle, and some not so subtle, dick jokes.

From the very start of the show to the finale, each performer is choregraphed to an awesome soundtrack. The strength of the show comes from each performer being an absolute stand-out in their own right. Hula hoops, sui-cycle, juggling hats or machetes, and acrobatics. The ballet performance was spectacularly show-stoppping, and maybe even a little jaw-dropping!

With the alluring and charming ringmaster keeping the audience entertained between set changes, the show flows effortlessly through each act.

Non-stop interactive entertainment is provided for an entire hour and keeps a high-level of energy, with a touch of naughtiness and cheek, for a raptured audience to the very end

Amazing displays of strength, comedic timing and adult humour to make you blush, make this a must-see show of Fringe 2019.

Circus’cision is playing at the Octagon in Gluttony until 16 March.

Fringe Review By Ilona Schultz

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