Faulty Towers The Dining Experience @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide 18/2/2019

With Basil, Sybil and Manuel hosting this three-course dinner, bad service has never been so much fun! And you know it’s a good show when everyone in the room is in stitches of laughter at the antics of the actors. This was audience interaction at its finest which started seamlessly, flowing between being summoned for a roll call to be told the table at which we’d be sitting, and being mercilessly harangued by Basil in the process.

I’m sure most of the audience and dinner guests at Monday night’s show were fans of the 1970’s British hit show and knew the characters well. Upon enjoying our soup, we were reminded of Sybil’s laugh, Basil’s constant badgering of poor Manuel, and Manuel’s quite inept command of the English language. Through the main course and beyond, the three consummate performers ensured that they made the rounds of each of the tables (approximately eight tables of ten) keeping everyone in fits of laughter at their hi-jinks. I must say Manuel was a stand out on this occasion and his capers standing on top of a table pretending to be a bull fighter were superb.

Providing a narrative of sorts to the evening were a number of themes from the TV series, including the Germans, Manuel’s rat, Basil’s love of the horses and Sybil’s preening. The ad-libbing was a delight to watch, demonstrating that no two shows would be the same and that the more the audience got in on the action, the merrier the show became. All in all, a great night out and we thoroughly enjoyed being entertained while appreciating a wonderful three course meal.

Fringe Review By Kim Burley

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