Garry Starr Performs Everything

Disgraced actor Garry Starr defies his critics by performing every genre of theatre possible, thus saving the performing arts from its inevitable extinction. Starr tears through styles with little regard for personal safety and even less regard for art, proving his talents to himself, his adoring fans and those who dare question his ability.

Please tell me about your show this year and how you have developed your act from previous years.
This year I will be returning to Adelaide Fringe with my debut solo show Garry Starr Performs Everything, in which I play a disgraced Shakespearean actor, recently fired from the Royal Shakespeare Company, who takes it upon himself to save theatre by performing every single genre imaginable. I will also be premiering my new show Garry Starr Conquers Troy in Adelaide this year. The original show has changed monumentally since last year so I’m hoping audiences will return to see both the old and the new to see how I’ve vamped things up!

What do you love about being part of Adelaide Fringe?
Adelaide Fringe is my favourite fringe festival in the world. I love the vibe and I love the audiences but mostly I love the fact that I usually come here straight from the British winter so I love the sunshine!

What are you looking forward to about performing as part of Stirling Fringe?
This will be my first visit to Stirling and I hear the audiences are wild!

What’s your best memory of Fringe as an audience member or performer?
When I arrived in Adelaide in 2018 with my first show I was playing to less than ten people and two weeks later I was playing to packed houses of 80+. It was Adelaide that launched my solo career so it always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Why should people come to your show this year (what’s the best bit about it?)
If you like uproariously funny silliness and aren’t afraid of a bit of audience participation or nudity then this’ll be right up your street. If you’re a prude who doesn’t like to break a smile and would prefer to sit in a dark room where nobody interacts with you then this might not be your cup of tea.

Do you have a particular angle that might be interesting?
In 2018 this little show what I made SOLD OUT at Melbourne Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe (UK), Manchester Fringe, the entire month in Edinburgh and then London’s Soho Theatre. It also won some heaps good awards.  

Compiled by Rob Lyon

For tickets, show dates and times for Garry Starr Performs Everything at the Stirling Fringe and Campanile at The Garden of Unearthly Delights head to Fringe Tix.

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