California Crooners Club @ The Flamingo at Gluttony, Adelaide 16/2/19

The boys are back! The 2017 line up of the California Crooners Club are together again and its happy times again. Hugh Sheridan, Emile Whelman and Johnny Manual have a chemistry that you just cant manufacture. Its good to see the gang back together singing some old and new Crooners songs.

The Maroon 5 Girls Like You got a working out and it’s nice to see Johhny Manuel back and he’s singing better than ever. Emile Whelman who brings the soulfulness to the group had his birthday on this particular night and it was one big celebration! The whole audience joined in clapping and singing the classic Happy Birthday.

Lead Crooner Hugh Sheridan is charismatic and fun as ever. He knows how to bring the swing to the group. The new songs like the Miley Cyrus Nothing Break Like a Heart or Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill worked a treat and the crowd were toe tapping and swaying. The only downfall this year was the venue. The Flamingo was not an easy venue to get up and dance and this show is all about audience participation. The Crooners all know how to make you move and its one of those shows that you want to get up on your feet.

The sexy moment of the night was when they sang the Tina Turner hit Private Dancer while proceeding to strip down to their t-shirts. I think most of the ladies in the audience were hoping for more to be stripped! The Crooners sure know how to keep the ladies happy and made sure they walked into the crowd at every opportunity handing out hugs and kisses where it as appropriate.

The standard Crooners songs of Midnight Train to Georgia and Adele’s When We Were Young always go down a treat but the standout songs were the Queen medley at the end that had the whole audience not shy to finally get up on their feet. finding Somebody to Love. We certainly love the California Crooners Club!

The California Crooners Club were only in town a short time this year and their shoes are now finished. Lets hope next Adelaide Fringe they have a longer run.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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