Michael Shafar is bringing his new show “50/50” the Adelaide Fringe. Last year he had us laughing with Kosher Bacon and this year he has some new material to keep the laughter going. Playing at a new venue in Gluttony, Michael answered a few questions on what we can expect from the new show.

Last year you had performed at the Adelaide Fringe with your show Kosher
Bacon. How did you find that experience?
That was my first time in Adelaide, so I wasn’t really expecting to have a lot of people come along to the show, but the crowds were fantastic, and they were really on board with the show. I think performing a show with a Jewish man at the German Club last year had enough irony to get people interested into seeing the show!

You’re bringing a new show to the Adelaide Fringe. Tell us what audiences can expect from 50/50?
It’s definitely a lot more personal. It’s about being diagnosed with testicular cancer towards the end of 2017 and having to seriously confront mortality at such a young age. It sounds heavy, but it’s actually the funniest show I’ve written. I think it’s another level up from last year’s show.

How did you come up with your material for this new show?
All of my material pretty much comes from my own personal experiences. As soon as I was diagnosed I took notes of all the funny experiences that happened and then started writing the show a couple months later.

This year your performing at The Piglet in Gluttony. Being in the heart of the Fringe should be fun. Are you looking forward to performing in this venue?
I’m stoked to be in such a central location this year! Adelaide crowds seem to flock to Gluttony because there’s so much happening in there. So, I’m hoping to have a few sold out shows this year (fingers crossed!)

If there was one sentence you could tell people about your new show what would it be?
Don’t worry, it’s funny – it’s definitely not a TED Talk.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

For tickets and show information for Michael Shafar’s show “50/50” head to Fringe Tix.

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