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2018 has been a very fine year for Blair Jollands. He has been releasing a new single every month from his brand new LP 7 Blood, which is out now via Glowb Recordings. Freshly delivered to your ear waves is this funky track of the same name 7 Blood.

Jollands will be hitting Melbourne and Sydney this week in celebration of his new album. Compared to Nick Cave, Elvis Presley, Scott Walker, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Rufus Wainwright – you’re sure in for a treat with each song handled with such care and tenderness, it is truly breath taking. Blair answers some questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles

Are you looking forward to your Australian tour dates?
Yes these will be my first dates in Australia in a long time so I’m very excited.

Do you think come back and play some places you missed this time?
I’ve been asked to play several other places including Perth and Brisbane plus more venues in Melbourne but I didn’t have time this tour. So yes, next time I’ll extend the tour to fit in these cities.

What can music lovers expect from this tour?
They can expect a raw and exciting performance of the 7 Blood LP plus earlier releases. I’m touring solo so i trigger samples, add some electronic elements and then blend in vocal and trumpet layers as well as some stripped back numbers.

How do you think you will top 2018?
I already have by touring here!

Was it a tough challenge writing enough singles to be able to release one a month?
I’m quite prolific so that wasn’t a problem. The challenge was filming the video clips for each of them and managing the tight release schedule via the digital platforms

Do you think you would do that again?
Yes. Its a good way to keep fans engaged in a business currently dictated by hungry a social media.

How would you describe your music to the uninitiated?
It’s like a cross between Roy Orbison and Lana Del Rey, or as Boy George once described it ‘The bastard son of Jim Morrison and Desi Arnaz with a shot of tequila’.

Do you think your sound has changed much from album to album?
The genres have drifted but my fundamental style stays the same.

Has living in Spain influenced your music?
I’m influenced by every place i spend time in. Spain is no different. I’m a fan of Mariachi, Flamenco, wailing vocals and the Semana Santa brass rituals are powerful. I soak it all up.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?
I’ll continue to tour 7 Blood in Europe and I’ll be recording new material for the next release.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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